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“The Underground Fairy” Recreation ver.

  • Organization : Q
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


“The Underground Fairy” by Theater Company Q’s side project, koQ, was performed at last year’s SCOOL, an alternative performance series. The work concerns a mole massage therapist and the Underground Fairy, who live underneath a multi-tenant building in the city. The performance this time around is a reworking of “The Underground Fairy” featuring work by contemporary artist Fuyuhiko Takata. The aim of collaborating with a contemporary artist was to create a relationship of equality between the story and the art. Takata’s art works in sync with the story on a deep level, drawing out the audience’s rich imaginative powers.
This reworking, incorporating not just the director’s vision but that of a contemporary artist, shows a different side to the work from its first performance. The audience too is gradually pulled “underground” by the intensity of the words coming from actors under physical strain, and the effect of Takata’s giant pink tuber-like objects hanging over the stage.


Founded in 2011, Q stages theatrical productions by director and playwright Satoko Ichihara.
2011,Receives the Aichi Arts Foundation Drama Award with the play “Insects”.2013,Invited to stage “Qlobe of Life Ⅱ” as part of the Festival/Tokyo. 2016, Released the novel “Insects” in the literary journal “Subaru”.2017, Nominated for finalist of 61st Kishida Kunio Playwriting Prize for “Favonia’s Fruitless Fable”.Invited to present “Favonia’s Fruitless Fable” at the Seoul Marginal Theater Festival.2018, Elected to The Saison Foundation Junior fellow Artist.


Yoshiki Masuda

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Waseda Drama Theater, Shinjuku City, Tokyo