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Juni-on-kai 40th Concert

  • Organization : Juni-on-kai
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


This will be the 40th performance by gagaku performance group Juni-on-kai, formed in 1977 by a group consisting mainly of court musicians from The Imperial Household Agency, and gifted performers from the private sector. At the time the group was formed, the then young members had already served as Chief Court Musicians. Juni-on-kai is recognized as a special organization for performing musicians and enthusiasts of gagaku. This performance will take a look back at Juni-on-kai’s 40-year history with a program also designed to nurture a new generation of gagaku musicians and fans for the future.

Masanori Fujita: “Rothos” music for gagaku ensemble

Sukeyasu Shiba: Bugaku “Chimon Shoto Raku”
  ‘Keisho Enbu’ / ‘Satto’

(Uho) “Kocho”
(Saho) “Karyobin”


Juni-on-kai centers around volunteer musicians carrying forward the traditions of gagaku, an ancient court music dating back thousands of years. The gagaku performance group’s mission is to pass these traditions down to future generations. The group was established in fall 1977 (Showa 52) with the intention of promoting the inherent artistry of gagaku to the general public. Members wanted to take gagaku a step further, and not keep their long years of study and commitment purely within the group. Since the summer following its inception, the group has held many performances.
Ever since its second performance, Juni-on-kai has sought the possibility of a fusion of traditional and contemporary gagaku tradition. Including new works, the group has performed various pieces such as Masanori Fujita’s “Rothos music for gagaku ensemble,” “Shotorashion” by Sukeyasu Shiba, Minoru Kobashi’s “Engaku,” Toshiyuki Ozaki’s “Mumyo for Kangen,” “Chushin no Fu” by Shoetsu Kawasaki, Taminosuke Matsumoto’s “Geisho,” “Shu” by Toshiyuki Ozaki and Hiroyuki Uchikawa’s “Yobu koe ari.”
Juni-on-kai holds gagaku shows and performances on request throughout the country in its effort to promote gagaku.


Naoyuki Manabe
Juni-on-kai Member
E-mail: info@sho-manabe.net


Kioi Hall, Chiyoda City, Tokyo