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Team YAEI vol.6 “Going Up”

  • Organization : Team YAEI
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


SOMAT is a 240,000 mile-long “space elevator” built in Tokyo which connects Earth and the moon.
A man and a woman who meet in the waiting hall decide to swap life stories as they wait for the next elevator.

This theatrical piece incorporates a sci-fi worldview in its depiction of Tokyo, the lives of its residents and its diversity, as it transforms into ‘an ideal city’ ahead of the Olympics.
The fiction onstage harks back to the real Tokyo where the audience lives: making use of a venue reached by taking an actual elevator to the 8th floor, and giving a nod to shakkei (‘borrowed scenery’ garden design principle/technique) in the creative use of the space gives audience members a total and immersive theatrical experience from their arrival onwards.


A theater unit whose members work in fields like art, film/video, graphic design and illustration. While their main occupations are not directly related to theater, they utilize, share and combine their respective professional knowledge and skills from their core businesses to create theater as composite art.
In 2017 the work “Please title it freely” (written by Ryuhei Otake) won the Grand Prize of the Sendai Short Play Prize.


E-mail: teamyaei2014@gmail.com


CLASKA The 8th Gallery, Meguro City, Tokyo