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  • Organization : Chofu-city Sengawa theater event committee
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


JAZZ ART Sengawa is a festival for jazz, avant-pop, and improvised music as a showcase for acts from Japan and abroad. From its inception, it has been led by three artists, Koichi Makigami, Kiyoto Fujiwara, and Hiromichi Sakamoto. The event has been continuing for 10 years since 2008, focusing on crossover genres of music and performance that gives vibrant energy to both fans of experimental music and people in the local community. The fringe programs taking place outside the theater are fun to experience while strolling in the town of Sengawa. “CLUB JAZZ Byobu” is a movable installation of Japanese Byōbu.Here inside, only 2 or 3 persons are allowed to enter at a time and enjoy the intimate performance of musician.

 Koichi Makigami / General Producer, Kiyoto Fujiwara, Hiromichi Sakamoto
Maki Nagamine
Kenji Osumi
René Lussier,Yoshihide Otomo, Kazuko Shiraishi, Akira Sakata, Peter Evans, Tokidoki-jido etc.


Chofu-city Sengawa theater event committee
The aim of Chofu City’s Sengawa Theater going forward is become a source of local pride by fostering culture for townspeople and the community. The theater event committee aims to achieve this through collaboration with citizens, experts and local government on events like JAZZ ART Sengawa, which began in 2014. The committee organizes and implements Chofu City-supported theatrical performances, festivals and outreach projects etc. at the Sengawa Theater. Major initiatives include “Alice: a Christmas family fairy-tale,” “JAZZ ART Sengawa” and “Overseas drama readings.”


Chofu-city Sengawa theater event committee
SengawaTheater 1-21-5, Sengawa-cho, Chofu-shi, Tokyo 182-0002


Sengawa Theater/Sengawa Ekimae Park(Chofu City, Tokyo)