What we do

Traditional performing arts to the next generation “Let’s try Nukuibayashi!”

  • Organization : Meguroryu Nukuibayashihozonkai
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


As part of its efforts to preserve nukuibayashi music, together with popularizing nukuibayashi the group provides community support and leisure activity assistance for people with disabilities through hayashi music. Activities include hayashi performances by Nukuibayashihonzonkai, explanation and demonstration of nukuibayashi paraphernalia, and hands-on experience of playing the instruments and dancing. Having an enjoyable experience with nukuibayashi creates a way for people with disabilities who find it hard to interact socially to expand their social horizons.


Meguroryu Nukuibayashihozonkai
Nukuibayashi is believed to have began in the late Edo period as a ritual offering for the local Nukui shrine festival in Koganei. Performance was suspended for a time after WWII, but it was revived in 1970 by the former chairman of Nukuibayashihozonkai, the late Toshio Osawa, who formed the society. The society went on to win first prize in numerous competitions. As well as various television appearances, the society appears at events all over Japan (but centered in the Kanto region,) and carries out a variety of preservation activities. The society engages in the preservation of nukuibayashi in a wide range of fields: for example it has engaged in recordings for DCs: attracted attention as a subject for academic research in terms of ethnic music; makes overseas appearances; and features in high school and elementary school music textbooks.


Meguroryu Nukuibayashihozonkai
4-11-11, Nukuiminami-cho, Koganei City, tokyo


Tokyo Koganei special support school(Koganei City, Tokyo)