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2018 Taipei Arts Festival “In our distance, there is no sorrow.”

  • Organization : General Incorporated Association “mamagoto”
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


“In our distance, there is no sorrow” (2017) is a work by Yukio Shiba which was performed at Festival/ Tokyo17. The work has been recreated and performed with Taiwanese actors and production staff under this international collaboration between Japan and Taiwan on the theme of “the distances surrounding tragedy.”
In Japan the work was performed at two adjacent theaters. Likewise in Taiwan the unique venue was two adjacent theaters within Taipei National University of the Arts. Last year the same play was staged at the two theaters, but in this production, different plays were performed in each theater; one a greatly revised version, and the other a newly written play.
Centering on two main characters, one who inhabits the world “outside tragedy” and one who inhabits the world “inside tragedy,” the actors go back and forth between the two adjoining theaters in a radical attempt to orchestrate two works at once.

Fa, Pei-Jen Yu, Shih-Hue Tu, Hsuen-Huei Shih, Tsuei-Tai Hao, Yi-En Chen, Tsai-Yi Huang, Yi-Lan Chao, Hsuan-Yen Tsai, Chia-En Yang

Playwright, Director: Yukio Shiba
Producer: Yukio Nitta
Stage Design: Takuya Aoki
Music: Blaire Ko
Costumes: TRAN
Co-Production: Festival/Tokyo, Taipei Performing Arts Center
Sponsor: Ministry of Culture (Taiwan), The Saison Foundation, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Organizer: Department of Culture Affairs Taipei City Government, Taipei Culture Foundation, Taipei Performing Arts Center
Organizer & Implementer: Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group, Representation Theatre, General Incorporated Association “mamagoto”


Yukio Shiba
Playwright, Director, Artistic Director of “mamagoto”.
Born 1982 in Aichi Prefecture. Member of the “Seinendan” Theater Company Director’s Division. Resident Artist at Steep Slope Studio. Lecturer at Tama Art University’s Department of Scenography Design, Drama, and Dance.
Recipient of the 2010 Kishida Kunio Playwriting Award for “Our Planet”.
Shiba has recently increased his activity outside of Tokyo, through national tours of repertory performances, collaborative new works with local community performance spaces, new children’s theater pieces, and participation in international art festivals.
As a participant in the 2013 Setouchi Triennale, Shiba went to the island of Shōdoshima in Kagawa Prefecture to create new works. During his stay on Shōdoshima, he created performances that directly involved both island residents and tourists, focusing on performance pieces specific to a unique time, a unique place, and a unique group of people. Since then, he has returned to Shōdoshima every year.


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