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64th Citizen’s Culture Festival

  • Organization : Nerima City
  • Section : Regional Cultural Activities
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Showcasing the cultural and artistic activities of residents of Nerima City, this event is jointly organized by the Nerima Culture-group Council (a federation of organizations spanning 18 cultural genres, established in 1961 and based in the Nerima Lifelong Center) with local authorities, and is held in fall between October and November.
The 18 programs comprise folk songs, Sankyoku (a form of Japanese chamber music featuring koto (Japanese zither), shamisen (Japanese lute) and shakuhachi (Japanese flute)) musical performances, Taishogoto (Nagoya harp), a choral presentation, Shigen-kenbu-shibu (classical poetry recitation with sword dance and fan dance), Noh songs, folk dancing, a Senryu poetry recital, ikebana and the tea ceremony, performance of hogaku traditional Japanese music, a haiku recital, a taiko drum festival, the Nerima calligraphy exhibition, traditional Japanese folk dance, a Western-style dance festival, classical Japanese dance, an exhibition by handicraft artisans and Edo-style yose vaudeville.
The Nerima Culture-group Council is in charge of all planning, performance and operation for this project.


【64th Citizen’s Culture Festival】
Co-organized by Nerima Lifelong Center and Nerima Culture-group Council (total of 18 organizations).
Nerima Lifelong Center head: Tomoko Miyazawa
Nerima Culture-group Council chairperson: Reizan Ifuji


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