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  • Organization : KPR / Kaimaku Pennant Race
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


This work was staged as part of the Japan Society exhibition, “Radicalism in the Wilderness: Japanese Artists in the Global 1960s.” The piece takes as its theme “the impoverished, impeded metropolitan mind” in common to both Tokyo and New York, using the story of Macbeth to examine the recurrent sins of our modern leaders.

There are three witches. There is also the Macbeth in the greedy hearts of everyone. Even if Macbeth dies and a new hero arises, the witches will continue to give their prophecies to another Macbeth. All the dead Macbeths wait for a new Macbeth in the boxing-style ring on stage. We have all come to believe in safety myths that are nothing more than prophecies. Birnam Wood is already advancing. What will the witches whisper to we who have been pretending not to notice? And what will we whisper to the next Macbeth?

Playwright / Director : Yu Murai
Macbeth(and others) : Takuro Takasakai
Banquo(and others) : G.K.Masayuki
Lady Macbeth(and others) : Kazuma Takeo
Video Designer & Operator : Kazuki Watanabe
Stage Manager : Satoshi Ueda


KPR / Kaimaku Pennant Race
This multiple award-winning theater company from Tokyo was formed in 2006 by Yu Murai and Takuro Takasaki.
The troupe received high acclaim in New York newspaper and media outlets like the New York Times when it performed there in 2009. KPR has garnered international praise and caused a stir in artistic circles worldwide with stage pieces such as its giant toilet made of 10,000 rolls of toilet paper as presented to a standing audience at Theater Tram in Tokyo in 2016.


Takuro Takasaki
KPR / Kaimaku Pennant Race
E-mail : kpr.japan@gmail.com


Japan Society Gallery, New York , USA