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Chim↑ Pom Exhibition “Hiroshima!!!!!!” (New York)

  • Organization : Hiroshima Project Committee
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


This is a long-term project by artist collective Chim↑Pom since 2008.
They held the number of exhibitions to examine “A-bomb / War,” “Peace,” “Modern Society,” and “Expression,” updating each time according to the exhibition venue and the times.

In 2009, the first exhibition “Hiroshima!” was held in VACANT, Harajuku. They premiered the works Making the Sky of Hiroshima “PIKA!” and Real Thousand Cranes. Along with the exhibition, the book entitled “Why Can’t We Make the Sky of Hiroshima “PIKA!” was also published.
Since then, the “Hiroshima Exhibition” toured Tokyo (Hiroshima !!) , Seoul (Hiroshima !!!) , Maruki Gallery For The Hiroshima Panels (LEVEL 7 feat. “Hiroshima !!!!”) while increasing “!” one by one. In 2013, they held a solo exhibition “Hiroshima !!!!!”, the largest of their solo exhibition, at the former Bank of Japan Hiroshima Branch, which was the atomic bombed building. Although it is not specifically titled “Hiroshima” they had presented the works on the theme of “Hiroshima” in London, Busan, and Dallas.
At the sixth Hiroshima exhibition in New York, the scale of the exhibition has been further increased.


Artist collective formed in 2005 in Tokyo with Ushiro Ryuta, Hayashi Yasutaka, Ellie, Okada Masataka, Inaoka Motomu and Mizuno Toshinori and all in their twenties at the time. Responding instinctively to the “real” of their times, Chim↑Pom has continuously released works that fully intervene in contemporary society with strong social messages.
Using video as a primary discipline, their expressions freely cross over a range of media from installation to performance. While based in Tokyo, they develop their activities globally in exhibitions and projects in various countries.
More recently, they have expanded their activities further to include the direction of art magazines, and exhibition curation.


Ryuta Ushiro
Hiroshima Project Committee
2-12-6 Miyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 132-0022


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