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(1) Machida Cultural Program: Serigaya Park lightingup event
(2) Machida Cultural Program: Government-academia collaboration event

  • Organization : Machida City
  • Section : Regional Cultural Activities
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


(1) The light-up event “Light We Have Never Seen – Fantastic Park” is based on the concepts “light” and “brook”–key aspects of Serigaya Park’s natural landscape.
The sparkling of brooks flowing through the park will be transformed into light that radiates into the woods, unifying water and vegetation. Oberlin University students arrayed in lights reminiscent of fireflies will serve as guides at the venue. Part of the Machida Serigaya Park Geijutsunomori Project, this event is being held jointly with J.F. Oberlin University’s College of Performing and Visual Arts.
With the assistance of the Aihara Nigiwai Sousei Project, the park will be decorated on the event days with art objects such as lanterns made with bamboo from the Aihara area.

(2) With the cooperation of J.F. Oberlin University’s College of Performing and Visual Arts, we will hold “Lighting Tunnel in Serigaya Park,” an event featuring two different light-ups suggested by students.
One of these is a project carried out with the participation of local residents. Instructions for home-made lanterns that can be crafted easily by children as well as grownups will be posted on the Machida City website, and residents will create and contribute lanterns. On the event days, the lanterns will be displayed as part of the artwork.
Other events include an outdoor exhibition in cooperation with Atelier La Mano, and live painting and concerts by local artists. Over the two-day period, visitors can experience art and culture throughout the park.


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