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N///K new piece performance 「Wind and Pore Organ and Sound」

  • Organization : N///K
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


A performance of Wind and Pore Organ and Sound, building on previous work in progress performances in Tokyo (ASP Performance Vol. 2 [SD for 4], March 2018) and at the Kyoto Art Center (Co-program 2018 category D KAC selection, June 2018). Continuing to explore her long-term theme of “vanishing modern corporeality” as a foundation, this piece uses “pores/skin” as a point of entry for the audience. Wind and Pore Organ and Sound uses space as a canvas to draw the sounds of a body living furiously. Mr. Toshiro Inaba, a doctoral assistant professor of cardiology and cardiology, The University of Tokyo Hospital, was invited as a guest, and a pre-talk to discuss the relationship between body and art was also held simultaneously.

Choreograph/Object/Costume : Miwa Okuno
Dance : Emi Oyama, Ikumi Kurosu, Harula Suzuki, Kouta Nagaya, Nozomi Matsuo
Music : Yohei Fujishiro
Lighting : Izumi Kato
Stage Durector : Daijiro Kawakmi
Asistant of Object : Naoka Fukushima
Main Visual : ITO K
Publicity Photo : bozzo
Publicity Design : Masahiro Okabe (Vois inc)
Rrinting Cooparation : Kyoshin Printing Co., Inc.
Sound Technical : Stage Office Co., Inc.
Production : Marie Takimoto (Takimoto Bookbindery)


N///K (natural killer)
Formed by Miwa Okuno in 2014, N///K has been actively performing original pieces to create a space where body/video/music/object exist equally with musician Yohei Fujishiro since its inception. Taking its name from the “natural killer cells” known to be one of the most important parts of the human body’s immune system, N///K are a group of activists, producing and performing pieces inspired by and reacting to the many problems (=cancer/viruses) existing in society or in any other kind of environment.


Miwa Okuno
E-mail : nk.info.jp@gmail.com


ZA-KOENJI 2, Suginami City, Tokyo