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Bunkyo Art Festival in autumn

  • Organization : Bunkyo City
  • Section : Regional Cultural Activities
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


The Bunkyo Art Festival in autumn is held annually with the aim of publicizing arts and culture in Bunkyo-ku, and further promoting cultural activities in the district.
The festival consists of four programs: flower arrangement, the tea ceremony, calligraphy and painting. The flower arrangement exhibition will carry works by members of the Bunkyo-ku kado chado renmei (a local association for ikebana and the tea ceremony), while the calligraphy and painting exhibitions will feature works by the local calligraphy federation and art association, as well as pieces solicited from the public.

Flower arrangement exhibition  Friday 2 – Sunday 4 October,2020
Tea ceremony exhibition Saturday 3 – Sunday 4 October,2020
From 10am to 6pm (until 3pm on the final day)

Calligraphy exhibition  Friday 9 – Saturday 17 October, 2020
Painting exhibition Saturday October 24 – Sunday, November 1, 2020
From 10am to 6pm (until 5pm on the final day)


【Bunkyo City】
Bunkyo City is located near the center of Tokyo’s 23 wards, and slightly northwest of the three central wards (Chiyoda, Chuo and Minato).
It is an area of Tokyo rich in culture and greenery, dotted with historical shrines and Buddhist temples such as Nezu Shrine, and Daimyo gardens such as Koishikawa Korakuen.


Haruka Konatsu
Academy Promotion Division
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E-mail: b250500@city.bunkyo.lg.jp


[Flower arrangement/calligraphy/painting exhibitions] Art Salon, 1F Gallery Civic, Bunkyo Civic Center, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo [Tea ceremony exhibition] Teahouse“Doshin-an,”B1F Academy Bunkyo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo