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George Stamatakis “The Color of Phenomenon”

  • Organization : UPN, Ltd.
  • Section : Support for Overseas Artistic Creation in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


What colour will the sea be in 100 years?
According to recent research, the sea will turn darker blue due to the effects of global warming. Starting from this scientific prophecy, George Stamatakis transferred his underwater photographs to silk and dyed them with Japanese indigo. This exhibition looks beyond the postponed Olympics, a chaotic 2020, and portrays a future landscape that never existed in our memories.


【George Stamatakis】
Visual Artist – Painter
Born in Crete in 1979, based in Athens and affiliated to the Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center. Stamatakis aims to create an artistic experience that transcends space and expands the concept of landscape. He pursues unique and exhaustive ways of expression while incorporating various historical imprints of culture and making dialogues with nature as a political stand. While studying in Athens School of Fine Arts, Stamatakis participated in an international exchange program at Tokyo University of the Arts. He also holds B.A. in Economics and Journalism/Media, and has worked at AUEB’s (Athens University of Business & Economics) “Art and Education” program as a researcher since 2016. Stamatakis’s first solo exhibition in Japan “Wooden Garden” took place in February 2019 at Ginza Gallery K.
Organized by UPN, Ltd.


UPN, Ltd.
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The Sumida Hokusai Museum (2-7-2 Kamezawa, Sumida City, Tokyo)