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Higashimurayama Culture and Entertainment Festival

  • Organization : Higashimurayama City
  • Section : Regional Cultural Activities
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


The aim of this event is for a large number of citizens to be exposed to Chinese and Japanese culture, creating opportunities to come into contact with various aspects of culture and entertainment and promoting the passing-on of this artistic and cultural legacy to the next generation. Specifically, the festival will offer an instrumental performance by the Chinese Songs and Dance Company in Tokyo, Japanese dance by Kikunokai Japanese Traditional Dance Troupe, and a program of shows and displays by member organizations of the Higashimurayama Cultural Association. Organizers also hope to create a buzz from a cultural perspective with offerings such as an exhibition of Japanese culture-related works, conveying the appeal of arts and culture over a wide range of fields in an enthusiastic presentation of cultural endeavors from Japan and China.


【Higashimurayama City】
Located in the northwestern part of the Tokyo metropolitan area, virtually in the center of the Musashino Plateau, the city sits on a diluvial formation stretching from the Arakawa to the Tama River. The city’s northwestern edges include the Sayama Hills which stand out on the Musashino Plateau and gently descend towards the Arakawa River in the northeast.
Within the city are wooded areas and rural scenery that offer a reminder of old Musashino, and balm for the soul of local walkers. Particularly eye-catching are the stunning irises, lotus flowers, cluster amaryllis and lush greenery of Kitayama Park, one of the “One Hundred Views of New Tokyo” set against Hachikokuyama mountain.

【Higashimurayama Cultural Association】
An organization whose objective is to contribute to the realization of an appealing and vibrant civic life and a prosperous community by promoting and publicizing scientific, academic, cultural and artistic activities/youth development initiatives for a wide range of citizens, advancing social education, strengthening mutual cooperation and harmony between its various groups, studying and learning together, boosting intelligence and cultivation, and striving towards the pursuit and development of cultural projects.

Events organized by the Cultural Association
1.Principle events held with members
Higashimurayama shimin bunka no tsudoi (“Higashimurayama Citizens Cultural Meeting”) with exhibitions, meetings, performances, and hands-on experiences; one-day workshops; the “City Council Mini Mini Concert (assembly room concerts, lobby exhibitions, match green tea served)

2.Principle events widely delivering culture to citizens
“Sakura Noh” performances, kodan storytelling performances, performances by Chinese Songs and Dance Company in Tokyo, Šarišan lectures, shakuhachi performances

3.Principle events delivering culture to citizens in partnership with local government
Higashimurayama Fresh Concert, Higashimurayama Culture and Entertainment Festival

4.Website creation, “Bunkyo-dayori” newsletter publication


Shun Kaji
Social Education Division
Higashimurayama Board of Education
1-2-3 Honcho, Higashimurayama City, 189-8501
TEL: 042-393-5111(3515)
FAX: 042-397-5431
E-mail: syakaikyoiku@m01.city.higashimurayama.tokyo.jp


Higashimurayama City Central Community Center Higashimurayama,Honcho,2 Chome−33−2)