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Modern Fart: Second Issue, In Memory of Social Distance

  • Organization : "Beautiful Country Sokotsu Square" Executive Committee
  • Section : Symbolic Projects Setting the Flag of Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


The second issue of the experiential magazine “Modern Fart”, featuring the theme “Memories of Social Distance”. An experiential magazine is a work that is produced “editorially” using paper media, the web, and games. As the audience visits the venue, enters, and touches the edited fragments, they will have an experience that Gavin Ito is planning. It will be an experience similar to that of feeling the magazine itself as the reader ingests the fragments scattered throughout the magazine. A spatial collage of events related to “Social Distance”.
In the exhibition space, there are two distinctive experiences: a “gallery” and a “food court”.


【”Beautiful Country Sokotsu Square” Executive Committee】
Gabin Ito (Editor)
Born in 1963. While in university, started working for the editing department of the computer hobby magazine “LOGiN” (ASCII), then went on to found BOCTOK.Inc in 1993. Continues to be active in writing/editing books, game development, producing art exhibitions, and engaging with all types of artists. Currently serves as editor in chief of frontline film information site “NEWREEL”. Holds a position as professor at Kyoto Seika University.


“Beautiful Country Sokotsu Square” Executive Committee


3331 Arts Chiyoda 3F – Rooftop, Chiyoda City, Tokyo