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Using 50,000 carnations, we created 5 flower carpets on Gyoko-dori with a total of 300 citizen participants. The mirror painting series drawn by Kunisada Utagawa, an ukiyo-e artist from the Edo period, was supervised by Yasuhiko Fujikawa, a flower artist, and revived in the present age. The size of one piece is 48㎡ (6m x 8m). Princess Tomohito of Mikasa, Mayor of Chiyoda Higuchi, chief priest of Kanda Myojin Shimizu, Ambassador of the Republic of Malta Andre, Chiharu Araki, Nobuko Irie, and Takako Shirai attended the completion ceremony on the first day. A live performance of “Flowers are in bloom” was also performed. Many media visited the interview on the day and were introduced in many programs such as “Imperial Album” and “Imperial Family”. Partly because of this, the number of visitors during the period was about 90,000 in three days.


【Hanae Cultural Association】
Yasuhiko Fujikawa
Flower scape Artist
Representative Director of Hanae Culture Association
Born in Tokyo in 1961. He graduated from Nihon University College of Art, Department of Drama.
He is one of Japan’s leading artists in the flower painting “Infiorata”, which draws the earth on canvas with petals, and has created and produced works at more than 350 locations in Japan and overseas. In recent years, he has been actively involved in the creation of “Kabuki”, which reproduces Kabuki paintings with flowers overseas.
In June 2015, MBS TV “Jonetsu Tairiku” will closely cover his creations in Spain. Taking this opportunity, he is appearing on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, WEB, etc.


Yasuhiko Fujikawa
Representative Director
Hanae Cultural Association
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