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10th Nakanoekimae Daibonodoritaikai

  • Organization : Nakanoekimae Daibonodoritaikai Jikkouiinkai
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


The event has a 4-pronged concept:
1.The establishment of the Nakano brand, dissemination of the“Nakano Ondo” traditional song
2.The advancement of traditional culture, the fusion of tradition and innovation through bon-odori with live music and DJ Bon Odori
3.Local revitalization, food stalls by local shops and performances by local groups
4. Local community-forming, bon-odori that is easy for men and women of all ages and non-Japanese residents to join in with

10:00 Opens
Performances by local groups
15:45 Opening ceremony
16:00 Bon-odori Part I
16:30 Guests on stage
17:30 Bon-odori Part II
18:00 Guests on stage
18:45 Bon-odori Part III
19:30 Guests on stage
21:00 Event ends

DJ CELLY, Takayuki Matsuda with Yojaku Tsunoda, Agehakai, Kinnikushinshi, Suzumeno Tears/Lemon Nakanishi, The Lethal Weapons, Ichiro Yastui,DJ KOO, Agehakai


【Nakanoekimae Daibonodoritaikai Executive Committee】
The Committee was established on April 26, 2013 for the purpose of planning and implementing Nakanoekimae Daibonodoritaikai, an event aimed at the popularization of Nouryou Bon Odori Taikai with live music, the popularization of the Nakano Ondo traditional song, the revitalization of local retail services including eating and drinking establishments, and the formation of a local community.

【Profile of Committee Chairperson Ageha Bijo (Tetsunari Takita)】
Instructor for Japan Folksong & Dance Foundation, certified folksong ambassador for the Folksong & Dance Foundation, head of planning at Nakano Folksong & Dance Organization,
Nihonminyou Ageharyu school head/instructor, Japan Bon Odori Association advisor, graduate of Nihon University College of Art.

Performed, choreographed and directed “Tokyo Ondo” for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics opening ceremony
“Furusato Matsuri 2020,” “The World Unknown To Matsuko”
“ENGEI GRAND SLAM,” “Tamori Club”
Winner of 2021 Folk Dance Yellow Flag Battle, Folk Song and Dance National Convention

Active in many fields including choreography and instruction for Au’s “Santaro Ondo.”


Noriko Otake
Nakanoekimae Daibonodoritaikai Jikkouiinkai
Tel: +81-(0)3-090-3686-8238
E-mail: nakano_bonodori@live.jp


Nakano Central Park Avenue, Nakano City, Tokyo