What we do

within the frame (reading performance)

  • Organization : Meguri Totetsu
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


A story set in a gallery is being performed in a gallery that shows solo exhibitions of paintings.
By giving a reading performance in the same place as the setting within the story rather than in a theater, the aim is to reconsider the meaning of theater space; and by performing theater in an exhibition space for paintings, the aim is to look at the influence of the surrounding environment on art appreciation, aiming for a limitless fusion of theatrical and artistic contexts. The role of art in theater is often only as one element in the expression of the work’s world view and of the stage scenery, but by treating paintings and theater equally, the aim of this project is to create a new environment for artistic expression. Connecting project organizers’ contacts in the painting world and in the world of theater has publicity perks for both milieu, and ensures all participants have the opportunity to be recognized.

Planning/design: Meguri Totetsu
Written by: Aoi Tsukimori
Directed by: Megumi Totsuka
Performers: Yasuhiro Wakamatsu, Nene Mori


Meguri Totetsu
She taught herself to draw illustrations while learning classical ballet, ikebana, wind instruments and more. She engages in exhibition-related projects chiefly in Tokyo and Osaka, pursuing the feminine under the theme “Dark Maerchen Romantica.” She is also involved in theater including stage production and stage design projects under her real name.

2017 Solo exhibition “Sayonara-kai”(Goodbye Party)
2021 Main visuals for Café Matching Mole public exhibition “Angels & Demons ~Chapter of Mirror~”
Also engages in public exhibitions, social media events for presenting works, joint calendar production projects, etc.


Shibuya novore mini, Shibuya City, Tokyo