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Performance “POWER & SMILE” / SAC MUSICAL “Suho’s White Horse”

  • Organization : SAC Musical Company
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


This project aims to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities through stage-acting with the help of instructors familiar with performing arts such as drama producing, singing and dancing.
The project is characterized by the creation of a stage work that makes the most of each member’s strengths and specialties. The two-pronged program comprised a musical “Suho’s White Horse,” and a performance “SMILE & POWER,” with a running time of 90 minutes including intermission. The performers were graduates from special needs schools in Tokyo with degrees of disability ranging from the 2nd classification (moderate to severe) to the 4th classification (mild) according to the Ai-no-Techo (Certificate of the Intellectually Disabled) certificate issued by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. For this production, the stage equipment used was already there at the host facility, so it was a smaller scale production in terms of equipment than previous projects. Those involved in the production showcased a power of expression on stage that transcended their inherent abilities.

We believe it very important to show their physical expressions acquired by overcoming the barriers to people living in areas where they have few opportunities to communicate with handicapped people.


SAC Musical Company
We are an organization for people with intellectual disabilities to pursue self-expressions through singing, dancing, and drama acting.
The members are composed of the graduates from the Special Needs Schools in Tokyo, aged from 18 to 30s. Because of their various disability levels, there is no such a significant age group difference as in non-handicapped persons.


Akemi Watanabe
SAC Musical Company
3-4-9-303, Kasugacho, Nerima-ku, Tokyo


National Olympics Memorial Youth Center Arts Building Small Hall. Shibuya City. Tokyo