What we do

“Noise Tokyo” project

  • Organization : MultipleTap
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Long
  • Art Forms : Music

Outline of the project

MultipleTap was formed as a touring collective of artists who represent the”excessive and chaotic” Japanese “noise”/ improvised music scene. The aim of MultipleTap is to raise global awareness of noise music from Tokyo and establish a working foundation for noise artists. In its first year, the MultipleTap project toured Europe and North America; and in its second year, as well as holding live concerts in Tokyo, organizers released an online magazine with the aim of communicating and exchanging information on the noise scene in Japan and abroad.
【First year】
1. European tour
Details: Live shows at four locations in Europe

(1) October 13: Recyclart, Brussels
(2) October 14: Global, Copenhagen
(3) October 15: Jazzhouse, Copenhagen
(4) October 17: La GaîtéLyrique, Paris

2. North American tour
Details: Live shows at eight locations in the US, and performances with local artists.
(1) March 24: Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia
(2) March 25: The Crown Baltimore, Baltimore
(3) March 26: Strange Matter, Richmond
(4) March 29: Beerland, AUSTIN NOISEFEST2016, Austin
(5) March 30: Siberia, New Orleans
(6) March 31: The Cleaners, Atlanta
(7) April 1: Will’s Pub, Orlando
(8) April 2: Churchill’s Pub, Miami

【Second year】
1. Tokyo live shows
Details: Live shows with MultipleTap members performing together with Coco Bryce from the Netherlands and Sung Sig Min from South Korea.
(1) March 9, 2017 Ochiai Soup, Ochiai
(2) March 10, 2017 Pool, Sakuradai

2. Release of online magazine “20Hz” (March 31, 2017)
The online magazine “20Hz” was launched, featuring bilingual Japanese/ English reports on MultipleTap’s American tour in the project’s first year, contributions by/ interviews with noise musicians from overseas, articles introducing equipment, and more.


A wide range of artists are involved in MultipleTap, from artists in the fields of noise, installation and media art, to sho traditional reed instrument and shamisen musicians. Members are predominantly individuals who have worked both in Japan and abroad, but the group revolves around noise musician Kou Katsuyoshi. He pulled together a unique roll call of members to form MultipleTap, which acquired nonprofit status in 2014.