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Leap into space with a frog!

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Third to sixth-grade elementary school students will create an original performance piece with dance unit Kaeru P over the course of a nine-day workshop. On the final day they will give a theatrical performance in the Recital Hall at Hino Renga Hall (Hino Civic Hall).

Staged and choreographed by

Kaeru P (dance unit)


Children in grades 3-6


*Non-reserved seats
*First-come, first-serve basis

How to reserve

Please send a FAX to 03-5961-5738 (NPO Children Meet Artists) with the title “Hino Renga Hall performance” including the following information.
1. Your name (If group, please write the representative’s name)
2. Number of participants (Adult/Children separately)
3. Phone number
4. FAX number
5. If you wish to receive the future event information, please write your hone address.

By Official Website
Please reserve via Reservation form on the official website.
After submitting the form, we will contact you to confirm the reservation, if you don’t have any contact from us, please contact NPO Children Meet Artists.

※Your personal information will be handled with strict security, and used only to send you information from the organizer about this event.


NPO Children Meet Artists
TEL: 03-5961-5737
FAX: 03-5961-5738


Hino Renga Hall (Hino Civic Hall) Recital Hall


Organized by
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), NPO Children Meet Artists, Hino City Civic Hall Cultural Association
Supported by & in cooperation with
Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Supported by
Hino City Board of Education