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Creation Programs

We carry out programs in cooperation with artistic and cultural organizations and arts NPOs. This program aims to foster the involvement of individuals in art and culture by forming hubs for cultural creation across the city and providing children and young people with opportunities to take part in creative experiences, as well as organizing festivals in a wide range of fields, including traditional culture, theater, music, art, and film, in order to broaden Tokyo’s culture and disseminate it to the world.


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Organizing Festivals and community engagement Programs

We enhance and develop artistic and cultural activities by organizing festivals in a wide range of fields including traditional performance and culture, theater, dance, music, visual art, and film, and by carrying out public programs for children, young adults, and people from overseas.


Forming Hubs for Cultural Creation (Tokyo Artpoint Project)

The Tokyo Artpoint Project is an initiative that creates numerous “art points” via art projects undertaken in partnership with NPOs that play a key role in their local communities. Designed to fit seamlessly into the everyday life of the community, these art projects connect people, towns, and activities in Tokyo. Our ambition is to create and communicate aspects of Tokyo‘s diverse allure, while nurturing the NPOs that will lead the projects and putting in place the infrastructure for these activities.


Applying Tokyo's Cultural Power to Earthquake Recovery

We coordinate a Tokyo Metropolitan Government initiative to support areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, through arts and culture. The project aims to support the recovery of vibrant cultural environments in affected communities by implementing arts programs in partnership with local arts NPOs and other organizations.


Cultural projects put into action in Rio de Janeiro to be expanded for Japan

Carrying out the cultural projects on the ground, when the eyes of the world are upon the Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympics, will tie into later development of the domestic Cultural Program.