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Creation Programs

This project is implemented in partnership with artistic and cultural groups and art-focused nonprofit organizations. By forming culture creation hubs and providing hands-on, interactive programs for children and young people among others, we will develop an environment in which as many people as possible can independently get involved in creative activities in the field of arts and culture. In addition, we will create new Tokyo cultures and promote them worldwide through festivals.


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Organizing Festivals and Hands-on, Interactive Programs

We enhance and publicize artistic and cultural creation activities and seek to pass them on to the next generation through hands-on interactive programs, as wel...


Forming Hubs for Cultural Creation (Tokyo Artpoint Project)

This is an initiative that creates numerous “art points” via art projects undertaken in partnership with NPOs that play a key role in their local co...


Tokyo Metropolitan Government & Tokyo Municipality Collaboration Project

By collaborating with Tokyo municipalities to develop cultural projects that meet local needs and issues and which are implemented at local facilities, we aim t...