What we do

Cultural Program in the Run-up to 2020

In the run-up to 2020, we will select projects to receive grant funding and promote the Public Call for Project Proposal initiative, as well as implementing the Tokyo Caravan and TURN projects which serve as the driving force behind the Cultural Program. Through these initiatives, we will create opportunities for as many of the capital’s citizens as possible to participate in the Cultural Program, as well as raising its profile.

Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Grant Program

平成29年度採択事業(海外発文化プロジェクト支援)「東京の音」Photo: Takashi Nagasawa

In accordance with the spirit of the Cultural Program led by Tokyo Metropolitan Government, we will offer grant programs (due to be implemented under a two-term system) aimed at ensuring the participation in the Cultural Program in the run-up to 2020 to many people as possible. We will call for applications in the following four categories.
Period: From April 2019 to September 2020
Location: Various locations throughout Tokyo


Symbolic Projects Setting the Flag of Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL (Former Projects to Foster Momentum)

We will support topical, festive arts and culture projects of a certain scale undertaken by private sector companies, arts groups, and a diverse array of other sectors, along with projects that will create a legacy beyond 2020.

Citizen-Led Cultural Activities

We will support grass-root, independent artistic and cultural activities by citizens of the metropolis.

Overseas Artistic Creation in Tokyo

We will support activities that lead to the creation of new art by artists and others from different countries, providing citizens of the metropolis with opportunities to encounter diverse forms of artistic expression, while seeking to ensure that Tokyo becomes an attractive hub for international creative activities.

Projects Offering Vision for the Future

We will support projects that take on the challenge of creating new forms of expression by blending art with science.

Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Public Call for Project Proposals

Photo by amino studio

Under this initiative, which aims to create projects that will form the core of the Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL, we have sought a wide variety of proposals for innovative, creative projects, as well as programs in which large numbers of people can participate. The projects selected from among these submissions will be implemented as programs organized by Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Arts Council Tokyo. 13 projects selected from 2,436 submissions in FY2018 will start their preparation in FY2019 and will begin to be implemented in the autumn of 2019.
Period: From autumn 2019 to September 2020
Location: Various locations throughout Tokyo


TOPACO (Tomin Performer's Corner)

This program will see companies open up space in their buildings and elsewhere to create opportunities for the people of Tokyo (Tomin) to present their artistic and cultural activities to a wider audience. The objective is to enable a variety of people to participate in the Cultural Program and to allow the Cultural Program to transcend the constraints of conventional frameworks and venues. We also aim to evoke an interest in the Cultural Program among a wider range of people, including those at the companies providing a venue.
Period: Year-round (a few sessions during the year)
Location: Various locations throughout Tokyo


Tokyo Caravan

東京キャラバン in 京都・二条城(2017年)撮影:井上嘉和

Conceived by playwright, director, and actor Hideki Noda, this is a cultural movement based on the concept of engendering new forms of expression through the mingling of cultures brought about by encounters between a diverse array of artists. Starting in the Komazawa district of Tokyo in 2015, it has delivered genre-transcending performances in Rio de Janeiro, the Tohoku region (Sendai and Soma), Roppongi, Kyoto (Kameoka and Nijo Castle), Hachioji, Kumamoto, Toyota, Kochi, and Akita. Tokyo Caravan will continue to pop up in a range of locations nationwide in FY2019, presenting a “Cultural Circus” and offering an ongoing program of exchange that goes beyond national and regional boundaries, thereby laying cultural foundations that will serve as a lasting legacy of the Tokyo 2020 Games.
Period: Year-round
Location: Iwaki City, Saitama Prefecture, Toyama Prefecture, Okayama Prefecture, and Hokkaido



With the guidance of General Supervisor Katsuhiko Hibino, the art project TURN creates artistic expression in the form of interaction through encounters between diverse people, transcending differences in background and customs, including disability, age, gender, nationality, and living environment. In the TURN Interactive Program, artists make repeated visits to welfare facilities and communities of people requiring social support, meeting the people there and undertaking collaborative activities. TURN LAND, meanwhile, creates community venues for TURN activities to be put into daily practice. TURN Meeting and TURN Fes are held to spread the word more widely about the significance of these initiatives.
Period: Year-round
Location: Various locations throughout Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts and elsewhere


Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Promotional Branding Project

This project will focus on effective promotion and branding of the Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL, an initiative that will see a variety of cultural programs unfold in the run-up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, promoting Tokyo's appeal as a city of arts and culture. As well as bringing the festival to the notice of a larger number of people, this initiative will seek to build further momentum and create a sense of excitement from a cultural perspective ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Period: Year-round
Location: Various locations throughout Tokyo