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Statement of Director General

Establishing pleasant, vibrant community societies that stimulate the creation of arts and culture

Tokyo is a city with an abundance of stimuli, with new movements springing up in quick succession. Arts and culture are one of the wellsprings of this. The arts and culture have the power to bring out people’s potential, revitalizing organizations and society by introducing diversity. A wide range of arts and culture has been cultivated and taken root in our lives in Tokyo as a center of Japan, whose unique culture has evolved through interaction with other lands since ancient times. Rather than being enjoyed solely as cultural elements, these traditions have been passed down through the generations via the townscapes that surround us every day, the tools that we use, and our entire way of life. Harnessing the power of art and culture to restructure activities in the city with a view to the future is essential to the cultural policy of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Promoting the creation of arts and culture

Arts Council Tokyo was established in 2012, on the basis of a proposal to the Governor of Tokyo by the Tokyo Council for the Arts. In 2015, we joined forces with the programs undertaken via Tokyo Culture Creation Project of the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, providing even greater backing for efforts to create arts and culture in Tokyo. The ideals that inform Arts Council Tokyo’s initiatives to promote the cultural policy of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government can be summarized in the following three principles.

Firstly, we will support a diverse array of artistic and cultural activities that bring out the distinctive creativity of each district and individual. This means being able to form our own plans, without making them conform to a standard. Secondly, we will put in place an environment conducive to the creation of arts and culture from an expert and long-term perspective. A single activity gives rise to the next activity by inspiring excitement or opposition; this chain reaction is the source of the city’s vitality. Arts and culture lay the foundations that will provide the motive force for urban development into the future. Thirdly, through bridge-building between those involved in arts and culture, private sector organizations, companies and public administration, we will promote collaborations that make the most of each other’s strengths.

Tokyo already has many artistic and cultural activities, and more will be created in the future. As arts and culture constitute an accumulation of various resources, even greater achievements become possible when the private sector joins forces with public administration or other private sector actors. Arts Council Tokyo aims to be the driving force behind this.

Building arts and culture into the social infrastructure

In 2020, Tokyo will host the Olympics and Paralympics and cultural programs will be held in conjunction with the sporting contests. With this as a major catalyst, we will highlight Tokyo’s dynamism and steadily develop initiatives that will contribute to all our futures, forging links in Asia that transcend politics and economics to build mutually stimulating relationships.

The vast stock of arts and culture amassed from the past to the future will create even greater value. Rather than culminating in temporary prosperity or success for a specific individual or group, we need to pass this on as a common asset for future generations. Arts Council Tokyo will build networks with numerous individuals and organizations both within Japan and overseas, and will implement measures that will ensure that the arts and culture become part of our social infrastructure. We would greatly appreciate your cooperation in our endeavors.

Katsunori Miyoshi
Director General
Arts Council Tokyo

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