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The challenges and contradictions faced by the international community due to the coronavirus pandemic and conflicts taking place around the world have all become apparent at once: Japan as a member of the global community is seeing ever more clearly the emergence of problems that are not easy to solve such as extreme deterioration in its financial situation, a falling population and also rural decline, and it seems Japan is losing the presence it once had on the global stage.

Even in a situation like this, it is our country's culture that demonstrates a solid presence; and what has attracted a great deal of attention and praise particularly from overseas is our arts and culture. The creation and dissemination of arts and culture in the country’s cultural heartland of Tokyo attracts intense interest not only from Japan but from overseas as well. Even if social conditions such as the economy are not as dynamic as before, proactively engaging in activities designed to create and disseminate arts and culture, and augmenting culture in daily life would further enhance Tokyo's appeal.

A sense of cultural enhancement and vitality would provide spring to the trampoline of society and enable its activities to leap forward, generating innovation in arts and culture. The aim of Arts Council Tokyo's activities is to contribute to the realization of a society made fresh and vibrant through extensive and creative cultural activities along these lines.

In 2023 we will focus on the creation of new arts and culture through the use of digital technology, the creation of opportunities to participate in and enjoy arts and culture, and the expansion of support for arts and culture-related activities in Tokyo and for those involved in them. In addition, we will also endeavor to provide assistance to enduring and ongoing forms of culture generated by tradition.

In a turbulent world and the increasing complexity of today, it is time to wield the power of arts and culture; and Arts Council Tokyo is committed to fulfilling the role entrusted to it of enhancing the appeal of Tokyo as a global city of arts and culture. We look forward to your continued support.

Masanori Aoyagi
Director General
Arts Council Tokyo

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