What we do

Support Detail

In order to support creative activities that enhance the appeal of Tokyo’s arts and culture and communicate them to the world, artistic activities that promote local culture and traditional performing arts, and artistic activities that tackle various social and urban issues, we offer grant programs tailored to each purpose. In addition, we will provide multifaceted support enabling artists etc. to continue with and develop their activities. This will include offering comprehensive support information through consultation services and lecture programs related to artistic and cultural activities, as well as providing workspaces and opportunities for creation and presentation.

Creation Detail

This project is implemented in partnership with artistic and cultural groups and art-focused nonprofit organizations. By forming culture creation hubs and providing hands-on, interactive programs for children and young people among others, we will develop an environment in which as many people as possible can independently get involved in creative activities in the field of arts and culture. In addition, we will create new Tokyo cultures and promote them worldwide through festivals.

Education Detail

We foster diverse future leaders who will drive arts and culture in Tokyo.

International Network Detail

We network with arts and culture-related organizations, cultural facilities and institutions, developing various collaborative programs and creating opportunities to improve Tokyo’s cultural presence as an international city.

Strategic Planning Detail

In these programs, we strive for new artistic and cultural creation and to generate opportunities for participation, leveraging planning and coordination that takes into account the entire organization of Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture).