Who we are

About us

Arts Council Tokyo develops a variety of programs to encourage the creation and dissemination of arts and culture and to promote Tokyo as an international city of artistic and cultural attractions.

In order to improve the infrastructure and environment for new artistic and cultural creation, Arts Council Tokyo plays a key role in Tokyo's cultural policies by implementing programs that explore Tokyo's originality and diversity, promoting international cultural exchange, and providing opportunities for promising young people who engage in a variety of artistic and cultural pursuits.

Statement of Purpose

  • Arts Council Tokyo, in cooperation with other artistic and cultural organizations, private-sector organizations, and NPOs, seeks to encourage artistic and cultural activity in Tokyo and to promote Tokyo's attractions.
  • Arts Council Tokyo aims to promote wide-ranging artistic and cultural projects befitting an international city and to enrich Tokyo's vibrant local communities.
  • Arts Council Tokyo facilitates the infrastructure and environment for artistic and cultural creations, with a professional, long-term view, while still respecting the autonomy and creativity of art and culture.

The Role of Arts Council Tokyo

Arts Council Tokyo implements programs in accordance with Tokyo Council for the Arts policy proposals and Tokyo Metropolitan Government cultural policies based on these proposals. It also makes proposals to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, selecting project ideas on the basis of project evaluations and Council Board discussions.

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