What we do


We provide support for creative activities that enhance the appeal of Tokyo’s arts and culture and communicate them to the world and for artistic activities that promote the culture of each community, traditional performing arts and tackle various social and urban issues.

Creation Grant


To support both the diverse creative activities that help to enhance Tokyo’s appeal as a city and the people involved in them, we offer grants to Tokyo-based artists and arts organizations to cover part of the cost of their activities.

Regional Grant


With the aim of creating an environment allowing everyone to have contact with and participate in regional/local arts and culture, and of revitalizing and promoting regions through arts and culture, we support artistic and cultural activities that promote the cultivation and development of distinctive culture in each region of Tokyo, and initiatives designed to pass on the cultural assets and resources of each region into the future and spread the word about their appeal to a wide audience both inside and outside the region.

Social Grant


This program provides financial support to Tokyo-based arts organizations, welfare organizations, and NPOs for artistic activities that involve people from various social environments working together and demonstrating their creativity while respecting each other’s individuality, and activities that tap into the distinctive features of arts and culture to tackle various social and urban issues. We support pioneering activities that posit new significance for arts and culture in society, activities that promote approaches to arts that are open to everyone, and activities with a long-term perspective that steadily contribute to solving issues.

Startup Grant


We will provide support for up-and-coming artists and arts organizations taking on the challenge of fresh artistic and creative activities, and who aspire to become active in Tokyo’s arts scene. Aimed towards participation in performances, exhibitions, art projects, and international festivals in Tokyo or overseas as well as international collaborations etc., we provide startup support allowing young talent to lay the groundwork for future artistic endeavors.

Traditional Arts Practice Grant


This program provides financial support for projects offering encounters with a variety of traditional performing arts that are accessible even to complete novices and which provide them with opportunities for continuing engagement. It aims to promote the development of traditional performing arts by providing opportunities for people to experience for themselves the fascination of traditional performing arts, and by expanding the number of people who take lessons on a daily basis.

Grant for Artistic City


We offer grants to cover part of the costs of creative activities including festivals and art projects in various genres which take place in Tokyo and are jointly created by numerous organizations and participants, as well as innovative and sustainable projects capable of communicating Tokyo’s appeal.

Life with Art Grant


There are myriad ways to enjoy the arts and culture-creating art, experiencing works and performances, owning and collecting artworks, incorporating art into one’s daily life, supporting the arts as a volunteer, and more. Along with these activities, we will introduce lesser-known and completely new approaches to the enjoyment of art, supporting projects and infrastructure which create opportunities for Tokyo residents to become better acquainted with artistic and cultural activities. Through this grant program we aim to increase the number of people involved in the arts and culture and to create a virtuous circle by making artworks an integral part of the lives of people in Tokyo, and by making inroads in the development of infrastructure for expanding the scope of artists’ activities.

Tokyo Live & Stage Support Grant


Open to small and medium-sized arts and cultural organizations (in the performing arts field) that support the diversity of arts and culture in Tokyo, this program provides partial financial support for expenses related to performance with the aim of supporting the creation and dissemination of new arts and culture. Applications will be conducted twice a year.

Grants that have finished already

Large Scale Events Grant


With the lifting of the state of emergency and other measures seeing a gradual easing of restrictions on the holding of events and various cultural projects, we are taking the opportunity to support artists and organizations engaging in artistic and cultural activities in a situation that remains challenging. In addition, by supporting artistic and cultural activities we aim to keep the light of culture alive and ensure that citizens of Tokyo have sustained opportunities to have contact with and enjoy arts and culture.
This Large Scale Events Grant is targeted at projects involving the implementation of multiple programs through the participation of multiple arts-related groups and organizations, so as to support more artists and staff members.

Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Grant Program


We will provide support to activities that increase public awareness, in order to promote opportunities surrounding the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. By supporting programs and projects that are topical and festive as well as grounded in the philosophies of the Tokyo-led Cultural Program, we will actively promote partnerships with a variety of sectors including private enterprise.
*Formerly Tokyo Cultural Program Grant