What we do


We provide financial support to artistic and cultural organizations with the ability to represent Tokyo’s arts and culture nationally and internationally. Furthermore, based on our evaluation of the programs, we facilitate more effective grant systems to reflect their practical needs.

Arts Council Tokyo Grant Program


We provide partial financial support for the activities of Tokyo-based artistic organizations, in order to support diverse creative activities and their organizers helping to improve Tokyo’s attractiveness as a metropolis.The grant covers a diverse range of creative fields, including performing arts such as theater, music, dance and traditional performing arts, visual arts such as painting, sculpture, and video art, and innovative new creative endeavors for which no genre yet exists.

Regional Grant Program


We support traditional performing arts rooted in different areas of Tokyo, as well as artistic and cultural activities which make use of each community’s historical and cultural resources. The purpose is to widely disseminate Tokyo’s broad spectrum of cultural and arts activities in Japan and other countries, and at the same time introduce and rediscover each area’s cultural attractions, and promote tourism and other aspects of community development. This program provides partial financial support for the activities of Tokyo-based NPOs, executive committees of art event, and arts organizations.

Social Grant Program


We support programs that address social issues through artistic/cultural activities and endeavors connecting a wide range of people – people with disabilities, the elderly and children, and people from other countries – with the arts and culture.

Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Grant Program


We will provide support to activities that increase public awareness, in order to promote opportunities surrounding the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. By supporting programs and projects that are topical and festive as well as grounded in the philosophies of the Tokyo-led Cultural Program, we will actively promote partnerships with a variety of sectors including private enterprise.
*Formerly Tokyo Cultural Program Grant