What we do


We provide financial support to artistic and cultural organizations with the ability to represent Tokyo’s arts and culture nationally and internationally. Furthermore, based on our evaluation of the programs, we facilitate more effective grant systems to reflect their practical needs.

Creation Grant


To support both diverse creative activities that help to enhance Tokyo’s appeal as a city and the people who lead those activities, we offers grants to Tokyo-based artistic groups to cover part of the cost of their activities. The grant covers a diverse range of creative fields, including performing arts such as theater, music, dance and traditional performing arts, visual arts such as painting, sculpture, and video art, and innovative new creative endeavors for which no genre yet exists.

Regional Grant


This program provides partial financial support for the activities of Tokyo-based NPOs, executive committees of art events, arts organizations, and societies dedicated to preserving and passing on traditional culture. These activities include performances that help to promote the culture of each community by tapping intangible folk cultural property in each area of Tokyo and projects that utilize cultural resources in specific communities.

Social Grant


This program provides support for independent artistic activities by people with disabilities, seniors, children, young people, and foreign residents, as well as for pioneering artistic activities aimed at addressing and improving a variety of social and urban challenges.

Startup Grant


We will provide support for up-and-coming artists and arts organizations taking on the challenge of fresh creative activities, who aspire to become active in the Tokyo arts scene.
We provide backing for startups designed to give young talents a foothold in artistic activities going forward, targeted at performances, exhibitions, art projects, participation in international festivals, international collaborations and more conducted in Tokyo and overseas.

Traditional Arts Practice Grant


This program provides financial support for projects offering encounters with a variety of traditional performing arts that are accessible even to complete novices and provide them with opportunities for continuing engagement. It aims to ensure that as many people as possible experience for themselves the fascination of traditional performing arts and provide opportunities to deepen the appeal of those arts, thereby fostering understanding of traditional performing arts and, by extension, promoting their development.

Life With Art Grant


We will launch a new assistance program, the “Life With Art Grant,” in FY 2021.
There are myriad ways to enjoy the arts and culture—creating art, experiencing works and performances, owning and collecting artworks, incorporating art into one’s daily life, supporting the arts as a volunteer, and more.
Along with these activities, we will introduce lesser-known and completely new approaches to the enjoyment of art. We will also support projects and basic services which create opportunities for Tokyo residents to become better acquainted with artistic and cultural activities.
Through this grant program, we aim to make the arts and culture an integral and more familiar part of the lives of people in Tokyo, and to help support artists and their work.

Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Grant Program


We will provide support to activities that increase public awareness, in order to promote opportunities surrounding the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. By supporting programs and projects that are topical and festive as well as grounded in the philosophies of the Tokyo-led Cultural Program, we will actively promote partnerships with a variety of sectors including private enterprise.
*Formerly Tokyo Cultural Program Grant