This page introduces columns about art and culture from various viewpoints by Arts Council Board members, professionals in the field, etc.


Taiwan: The state of museums in Taiwan amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Huang Shan Shan

At the end of 2019, a strange spate of infections from an as-yet unidentified virus came to light in Wuhan, China. Having had a painful experience with SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), the Taiwanese government promptly stepped up its vigilance, held a press conference about the infection on December 31, and began quarantining travelers from Wuhan on the same day.


Art in the Face of COVID-19 – Australia

Julia Yonetani

History moves slowly, then all at once, and we are all swept up in its tide.


USA: Changes Wrought by the Pandemic, Changes Progressing Despite the Pandemic

Kosuke Fujitaka

On March 4, 2020, the VIP preview of New York’s foremost art fair, the Armory Show, took place much as it had in previous years.



Our way of life has been transformed by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that began in 2020.You could say that the social impact of coronavirus has been particularly significant because it relates to the most fundamental aspect of everybody life: communication. In other words because it is a virus that spreads through the process of meeting people and conveying something to them.


Tokyo – Coronavirus, Year One

Tadasu Takamine

I’m an artist and an instructor at an art university. Incidentally, I’m also a husband and father. At the end of March last year I moved to Tokyo from Akita, and along with this major change in my living environment, I started teaching at a new university. In other words, I moved here just when the coronavirus was starting to spread in Japan.


Creating for the stage under COVID-19

Kako Yamaguchi

Advanced Choreography vol. 2, an experiment in creating contemporary dance by computer-sampling dancers’ movements, was held on January 9 and 10, 2021 at Koto-ku’s Civic Center Hall (Toyosu Cultural Center).


A dystopian future and well-being

Ai Hasegawa

Whenever I hear about well-being, I always remember this passage about the word “flourish” in an article I read by Dominique Chen.