This page introduces columns about art and culture from various viewpoints by Arts Council Board members, professionals in the field, etc.


Tokyo – Coronavirus, Year One

Tadasu Takamine

I’m an artist and an instructor at an art university. Incidentally, I’m also a husband and father. At the end of March last year I moved to Tokyo from Akita, and along with this major change in my living environment, I started teaching at a new university. In other words, I moved here just when the coronavirus was starting to spread in Japan.


Creating for the stage under COVID-19

Kako Yamaguchi

Advanced Choreography vol. 2, an experiment in creating contemporary dance by computer-sampling dancers’ movements, was held on January 9 and 10, 2021 at Koto-ku’s Civic Center Hall (Toyosu Cultural Center).


A dystopian future and well-being

Ai Hasegawa

Whenever I hear about well-being, I always remember this passage about the word “flourish” in an article I read by Dominique Chen.


A world we can envisage through the pictorializing of listening

Junko Shimizu

Oftentimes something I can’t put my finger on bugs me all day.


The future of arts and culture-driven well-being

Dominique Chen

Series: The future of arts and culture-driven well-being “Well-being” refers to ...


The film industry under COVID-19

Shozo Ichiyama

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on the film industry as well as other sectors. The first thing to be directly affected has been movie theaters. Almost all theaters nationwide were closed when a national state of emergency was declared on April 16. With audiences simply staring at a screen, movie theaters ought to carry less risk of infection than going to the theater or a music concert. But given the risk of spending several hours with strangers who may be infected, the closure of movie theaters was probably unavoidable.