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- Imagination to project -

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The Youthful Head of Noh’s Hosho School Presents a Lavishly Beautiful Dance Amid a World of Images

How to stir the imagination, the single most important element in the appreciation of Noh? Begin with a performance faithful in every detail to the time-honored style, then fill the stage with projected scenes and images created directly from the play’s traditional dialog and poetry. The play: “Hagoromo” (The Feather
Mantle), Japan’s beloved version of angel legends found throughout the world, the ancient text augmented by both modern Japanese and English interpretations newly created by Seiko Ito and Jay Rubin—a whole new way to enjoy the play as both stage art and literature. (Key lines projected in super-titles. Complete
translation available in brochure.) Before the performance, enjoy a rare display of Noh costumes and masks and a discussion of the play by the 20th Head of the Hosho School, Kazufusa Hosho, and contemporary novelist, actor, lyricist and self-confessed Noh fanatic, Seiko Ito.


13:00- Noh costumes and Noh masks – HOSHO: a 650-year history –

14:00- Part1
Discussion: Enjoying Noh the Easy Way

謡(Utai)and 歌(Uta)
Performers: Kazufusa Hosho “The School of Hosho Grand Master XX” Seiko Ito“writer, creator”

15:00- Part2
MIZUKAGAMI of Noh “HAGOROMO” – Imagination to project –


Shite(heavenly maiden): Kazufusa Hosho
Waki(fisherman Hakuryo): Hideshi Norihisa
Fue: Ryuichi Onodera
Kotsuzumi: Koumei Iitomi
Ootsuzumi: Takanori Kakihara
Taiko: Yuichiro Hayashi
Jigashira: Takafumi Takeda


Advance tickets are all sold out.
However, same-day tickets are available at NIKKEI Hall on the day of the performance, Monday, February 12, from 12:45.

Tickets on sale from Tuesday, October 17
[Adults] 1st class: 3,000 yen, 2nd class: 2,500 yen
[Students] 1st class: 2,500 yen, 2nd class: 2,000 yen

・Ticket Pia
0570-02-9999 (Sound Automatic Correspondence / P-Code: 459-926)
Services are available in Japanese only.

0120-777-581 (10:00-18:00 Except Year End and New Year holiday)

*Pre-school children are not permitted into performances.
*Visitors wishing to purchase student tickets must show their student ID.
*There is a case where the contents are subject to change by the convenience.


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