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Edo String Puppetry & Comic Storytelling

"What Bunshichi Mottoi Did in Edo Old Town"

  • Japanese Traditional Art ,
  • Performance ,
  • Workshop

Classic rakugo ‘Bunshichi Mottoi’ will be played with ‘Edo string puppetry'(Tokyo Metropolitan Government intangible cultural property/national record selection tangible folk cultural property), with which you can strongly feel the spirit of Edo people –short temper, obstinacy, bellicose, sentimental, strong sense of justice and loyalty- and the living customs in the downtown of Edo.
We will hold an exhibition of actual ‘Bunshichi Mottoi’ used in the play and historical record and dolls of Edo string puppetry at the lobby, and there will be an experimental program where you can touch the dolls after the play.
This is a program of experience and appreciation where you appreciate ‘Bunshichi Mottoi’ as the seasonal story of the yearend in the place of origin, Ryogoku, and fee the custom and culture of Edo.


Tickets on sale from Monday, September 4
Adults: 2,800 yen
Students: 1,200 yen

TEL: 0120-240-540 (Weekdays: 10:00-18:00)
*English available

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Public Interest Incorporated Foundatin Edo Marionettee Theatre YOUKIZA
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KFC Hall (Kokusai Fashion Center, Ryogoku)



Organized by
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Supported by and in cooperation with
Tokyo Metropolitan Government