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Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2017 will be held to encourage visitors to experience and become more familiar with Japanese traditional culture and performing arts.
An “Indoor tea ceremony” will be held for authentic tea ceremony (prior application is necessary), as well as an “Outdoor tea ceremony” to casually enjoy the fun of tea ceremony outdoors in greenery, and a “Tea ceremony for beginners” designed for beginners and foreigners are able to learn the basics of tea ceremony while making tea with two pairs.
Programs provided in Hama-rikyu Gardens will include “Outdoor tea ceremony in English,” where manners of ceremony will be explained in English, and by the corporation of the Tokyo Metropolitan High School Cultural Federation; Tea Ceremony department, “Outdoor tea ceremony by high school students,” where high school students will serve tea. On the special stage, enjoy the talk show from a special guest, “Noh work shop,” “Shamisen,” and “ Kamikiri ” performances. In the garden, may purchase Japanese sweets and green tea, which serve at the ceremonies. For visit commemoration and SNS post photos, enjoy experience of the palanquin which used by common people in Edo-period.

Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2017 will be held in rain, but it will be cancelled with extreme weather.
We will announce the cancellation on the official website at 7 a.m. on the day if extreme weather is expected.


Tea ceremony

(1)Nakajima-no-ochaya (Up to 35 people per ceremony)
(2)Hobai-tei (Up to 25 people per ceremony)
■Fee: 700 yen
*Prior application is required. (In case of oversubscription, a drawing will be held.)
*Submit the notice or reply card of win to receive a ticket at the ticket counter on that day.
*Participation fee to be paid on that day.
*If the number of applicants falls under the capacity or if cancellations occur on that day, tickets will be sold at the venues on
the day.
*During the Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2017, normal tea service will not be available at Nakajima-no-ochaya.

Outdoor tea ceremony

■Venue: Nakano-hashi area (3 sections, up to 32 people per ceremony)
■Fee: 300 yen
*One section is for Sencha tea.
*Tickets will be sold on that day.

Outdoor tea ceremony in English

■Venue: Nakano-hashi area (Up to 32 people per ceremony)
■Fee: 300 yen
*Tickets will be sold on that day.
*English explanation is available.

Outdoor tea ceremony by high school students

■Venue: Nakano-hashi area (Up to 20 people per ceremony)
■Fee: 300 yen
*Tickets will be sold on that day.

Tea ceremony for beginners

■Venue: Kaboku-en (Up to 40 people in 20 pairs per ceremony)
■Fee: 300 yen/person
*Tickets will be sold on that day.
*Participation by individuals is allowed.
*English explanation is available.

Performance / Stalls

■Stage events
*Talk show from a special guest (October 21)
*Shamisen performance (Common for 2 days)
*Kamikiri performance (Common for 2 days)
*Noh work shop(Common for 2 days)
■Providing photo spots
■Experience getting in a palanquin of Edo period and taking photos
■Stalls for small Japanese goods, Japanese sweets, green tea, etc.

Application procedures

By the official website

Fill in necessary information on the application form on the official website and send it to us.

By reply-paid postcard

On a reply-paid postcard, write your preferred venue (1.Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum or 2.Hama-rikyu Gardens), date, time (AM or PM), the total number of people (up to 2), and the representative’s name, address and telephone number, and mail the postcard to the Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony Office.
*Please write name, postal code and address of the person representing your party on the replying side (the back side) of the post card.

*A person is allowed to apply only one time per venue.

【Application period】
Tuesday, August 1 to Thursday, August 31 2017
*Online application will close at 23:59 on August 31.
*Postcards, postmarked by August 31 are valid.

【Address for post card registration】
Japan Post Holdings Co.,Ltd Tokyo Post Office PO Box No. 79
Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony Office

【Results of drawing】
The result of the drawing will be e-mailed or be sent by the reply postcard to the applicants around Friday, September 8.

*Personal information obtained via the application process will be used only for the purposes of contacting event operations.

Admission to Hama-rikyu Gardens

Adults: 300 yen
Seniors over 65 years old: 150 yen
Elementary school children or younger, and junior high school students living or studying in Tokyo: Free


Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony Office
TEL: 03-6426-0558(weekdays 10:00-17:00)


Hama-rikyu Gardens (1-1 Hama-rikyu-teien Chuo-ku, Tokyo)



Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government、Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Co-organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association
Supported by
Chuo City
Cooperated by
Tokyo Metropolitan Tea Ceremony/Flower Arrangement Federation, Tokyo Metropolitan High School Cultural Federation; Tea Ceremony department