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Music Weeks in TOKYO 2013
Music Education Program
Collaboration Program
Wishful Singing Workshop

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A public workshop with the members of Wishful Singing, a highly accomplished 5-woman ensemble whose beautiful harmonies and humor enthrall audiences everywhere. This is your chance to find out how a cappella singing is done.

Audit Tickets

1,000 yen

Participant Applications *Applications are closed.

Limited to 2 a cappella ensembles of up to 20 persons.
2,000 yen per person (approx. 1 hour per group)
Open to any age or genre; groups who sing without individual amplification.
Applications accepted:
from July. 1 (Mon) to July 31 (Wed), 2013
For further information, see the website below.
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Tokyo Bunka Kaikan
Music Education Program
Tel: 03-3828-2111

Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, Tokyo Culture Creation Project Office (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)


Edo-Tokyo Museum 1st Floor Hall