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Tokyo Jiten Round Table "Towards a Spectacular Criticality? - Tokyo, Are You OK?"

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Launched after the 2011 earthquake, “Tokyo Jiten” is an online video dictionary that considers Tokyo from various angles. So far over 50 researchers, artists and others have contributed incisive commentary about the place called Tokyo.
In response to the announcement that Tokyo will host the 2020 Olympics, AIT’s Roger McDonald, Keisuke Ozawa and Naoko Horiuchi will meet with guests Yoshitaka Mohri (Associate Professor, Department of Musical Creativity and the Environment, Tokyo University of the Arts/sociologist), Andrew Maerkle(editor) and Mei Kanematsu (art anthropologist) to newly consider the image of Tokyo to come.
Should we be afraid of unprecedented societal risks, or transported by the festive mood? If you’re interested in taking a fresh look at this gigantic metropolis, don’t miss this thrilling thought experiment.

Free (There is a charge for refreshments.)

Yoshitaka Mohri (sociologist), Andrew Maerkle (editor), Mei Kanematsu (art anthropologist)

Roger McDonald (AIT), Keisuke Ozawa (AIT), Naoko Horiuchi (AIT)

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