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The Tale of the Heike

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Recounting the rise and fall of the Heike clan at the end of the 12th century, The Tale of the Heike is one of the most important works in the genre of epic Japanese war tales. The accounts of the life and death and the love and separation of people who led proud lives—parents and children, lords and retainers, lovers, and rivals—have echoed in the hearts of the Japanese and led to the creation of numerous masterpieces of classical theater. The most popular performers of classical theater today in the fields of storytelling, biwa (Japanese lute), and dance invite you into the world of The Tale of the Heike.


Biwa (Japanese lute) “DANNOURA”: Kakushin Tomoyoshi
Kodan (Story telling) “OGI NO MATO”: Matsunojo Kanda,
Buyo (Classical Japanese dance) and Biwa (Japanese lute) “TADANORI”: Kikunojyo Onoe x Kakushin Tomoyoshi
Nagauta (Nagauta music): SHIZUKA TO TOMOMORI: Ukon Onoe


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