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Echoing~Words~Body Part 1 "Afterglow of the divine"
“The World of Odissi”

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With “words and the body”as its theme, “Echoing~Words~Body” starting this year is a performance series from the National Theatre and Arts Council Tokyo showing the diverse appeal of dance.
First in the series is“Afterglow of the divine: dancing between tradition and creation.” With “divinity” as the key word, this performance features traditional Japanese dance, ancient Indian classical dance (Odissi)and dance by Turkey’s Mevlana whirling dervishes, as well as the premiere of a new contemporary dance work.
Odissi from India is a treasure trove of classical dance. It developed in the eastern coastal state of Odisha by the Bay of Bengal. Odissa is characterized by two main postures: Tribanghi, a graceful, sensuous position created by three bends at the neck, waist and knees, and Chauka, an angular position achieved by keeping both arms at shoulder height and squatting down.Don’t miss Odissi’s unique beauty, stemming from these postures and the delicate control of the body seen in its finger and eye movements.

We will hold a pre-event “The World of Odissi” in connection with the performance, featuring guests Masako Ono, a professional Odissi dancer who has been officially recognized by the Indian government and who will appear in the main performance; and Yumi Takeda, who puts together exhibitions exploring the relationship between people’s daily lives and culture both in Japan and overseas.The pre-event will introduce the charms of Odissi and the environment and culture of Odisha state where the dance form originated.
With dance demonstrations and hands-on experiences, why not take this opportunity to experience the rich appeal of Odissi?


Masako Ono (Odissi dancer approved by the Government of India, ICCR)
Yumi Takeda (curator, Lifestyle Design Center, Setagaya Cultural Foundation)





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“Afterglow of the divine” section, National Theatre Production Department, 4-1 Hayabusa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8656


“Afterglow of the divine” section, National Theatre Production Department
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National Theatre 2F Large Rehearsal Room


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