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Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2020

The Imagination of Time

  • Visual Art / Media Art ,
  • Exhibition / Screening

We habitually think of time moving uniformly in one direction, like seconds ticked off by a clock. If we ask, however, “What is time?”, there is no easy answer. Since time is invisible, we use imaging to grasp the present moment. Imaging also connects the past, present and future, making it seem that we can travel freely back and forth through time. In this, the Yebis International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2020, we use art and imaging to consider the question of what time itself is, thereby exploring the essential qualities of imaging and examining the present moment.

*For more details, please refer to the festival’s official website.


exonemo / minim++ / Stan DOUGLAS / Mels VAN ZUTPHEN / MANABE Hiroshi / Nina FISCHER & Maroan EL SANI / TOKISATO Mitsuru / Maarten BAAS / IWAI Toshio / TAWADA Yuki / Anna RIDLER / GUAN Xiao / MIHARA Soichiro / Shuzo AZUCHI Gulliver / KIMURA Yuki / Ben RIVERS / NAM Hwayeon / Grada KILOMBA / KOMORI Haruka + SEO Natsumi / TAKATANI Shiro / Anocha SUWICHAKORNPONG / KOMORI Haruka / ODA Kaori / ENDO Maiko / Ana VAZ / Meriem BENNANI / Diane Severin NGUYEN / Kevin Jerome EVERSON / Claudrena N. HAROLD / Ben RUSSELL / Ernie GEHR / Paolo GIOLI / Sylvia SCHEDELBAUER / MATSUSHIMA Tomoe / SHIBATA Takahiro / Arief Khoirul Alim / LIU Maoning / NONAKA Akifumi / Amir Houshang MOEIN / PARK Yeon / Tommy NG Kai Chung (Point Five Creations) / YAMAGUCHI Mai / YUHARA Kazuki / and more


*Admission will be charged for the events with limited capacity.


Tokyo Photographic Art Museum
TEL: 03-3280-0099


Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Maison franco-japonaise, The Garden Room, Center Square of Yebisu Garden Place, and related cultural facilities, galleries, etc.



Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum / Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture) , Nikkei Inc.
Co-organized by
SAPPORO REAL ESTATE CO., LTD, Maison franco-japonaise
With assistance from
Embassy of Brazil, Embassy of Canada, TBS, J-WAVE 81.3FM
With a grant from
Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, Asian Cultural Council
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ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS CO., LTD., Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Goethe-Institut Tokyo, SAPPORO BREWERIES LTD.
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Color Kinetics Japan Incorporated, PIA Corporation, Do Be Company Inc., ROBOT COMMUNICATIONS INC.