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Kagurazaka Street Stage O-edo Tour 2021 (Japanese Traditional Culture Festival)

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Transforming the entire Kagurazaka neighborhood into a stage for a festival to enjoy Japan’s various traditional performing arts

Kagurazaka Street Stage O-edo Tour 2021 is a two-day event giving a large trans-generational audience an accessible way to enjoy Japan’s foremost traditional performing arts, combined with the charms of Kagurazaka where the flavor of old Edo still lingers.
In light of the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), this year’s event will be held online.

*We will announce program changes and cancellations on the official website and social media platforms (Twitter/Facebook).

Streamed content: Saturday, May 22

Kotohogi (“celebrating with words”) live performance
A program centering around arts through which people have prayed for happiness since ancient times. The program features lively performances including a Sanbaso dance by the Hachioji Kuruma Ningyo puppet theater company with Gidayu-bushi musical narrative; Edo-daikagura traditional performing arts showcased by Kyokugei traditional acrobatics such as the Shishimai lion dance and Kasamawashi umbrella rotating; and a suodori (dancing without costume) rendition of the traditional kabuki dance “Renjishi,” a majestic dance between parent and child sacred lion characters.
Date/Time:Saturday, May 22 11:00 –
Performers: Koryu Nishikawa Troupe (Hachioji Kuruma Ningyo) × Koshikou Takemoto+Kanya Tsuruzawa (Gidayu-bushi)/ Maruichi Senoh Troupe (“Edo-daikagura” Japanese traditional juggling and lion dance)/ Shogo Fujima & Senyusuke Ichiyama (Nihon Buyo Japanese dance) × Isojiro Yoshimura Troupe (Nagauta music) × Wakajishikai (Hayashi music)/ Tobaya Riseki (Navigator)

Cheer for art! “Support Program for Arts and Culture” from Kagurazaka
We introduce artists participating in this Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s project supporting art and culture. Performances of different traditional performing arts will be widely available as online streams from Kagurazaka.
Date/Time: Saturday, May 22, 12:30 –
Performers: Sachiko Sato and others (Sumo Jinku traditional sumo song) / Norio Mitsuda and others (street performer)/ Kousai Hayashi (Shigin classical poetry recitation)/Kou Kakinokihara (Koto)/ Roei Tosha and others (Hogaku-bayashi)/ Tobaya Riseki (Navigator)

Kotodama (“the power of words”) live performance
Japan is home to a variety of Katarigei traditional narrative arts, performers of which will gather in Kagurazaka. Relax and be entertained by a world of stories through performances of popular Kodan storytelling, Rokyoku (story recitation accompanied by shamisen) which has enjoyed a resurgence of interest in recent years, and the Joruri narrative song style Shinnai-bushi by a Living National Treasure resident in Kagurazaka.‏
Date/Time: Saturday, May 22, 14:30 –
Performers: Kinkaku Takarai (Kodan)/ Isekichi Tsuruga + Tsuruga Wakasanojo Shamisen troupe (Shinnai-bushi)/Ichitaro Azumaya + Mitsu Azumaya (Rokyoku) /Cyril Coppini (Navigator)

Ozashiki live performance
You can enjoy Sokyoku, Edo Hauta music, and geisha dancing at an Ozashiki banquet in a long-established restaurant.
Date/Time: Saturday, May 22, 12:00 –
Performers: Shintaro Okamura + Ai Okamura (koto music) × Bunzan Shono (shakuhachi)/ Maruhide Honjoh + Hideeiji Honjoh (Hauta music)/ Geisha of Kagurazaka (dancing and more)/Cyril Coppini (Navigator)

Performing arts guide
We present traditional performing arts at Kagurazaka’s leading venue, Yarai Noh Theater.
Date/Time: Saturday, May 22, 17:30 –
Performers: Reigakusha (Gagaku)/ Konokai (Nihon Buyo) ×Junokai (Chikuzen Biwa)/ Kanze Kyukokai (Noh)/ Orine Kanda (Navigator) × Cyril Coppini (Navigator)

Streamed content: Sunday, May 23

Kami-asobi live performance
We present shamisen performances, a session featuring Japanese and Western instruments, and a shakuhachi performance.
Date/Time: Sunday, May 23, 12:00 –
Performers: Shakuhachi quartet GMQ (shakuhachi)/Seshami Street Boys (Tsugaru Shamisen performance)/ Naoyuki Manabe (sho)/ Tone (shakuhachi, koto and guitar)/ Tobaya Riseki (Navigator)

Live sessions
We offer a true super session fusing different cultures featuring world string instruments played with a bow, centering on the kokyu; Kagurabue bamboo flute and African music; Tsugaru Shamisen; shakuhachi and jazz piano; drums and more, as well as a collaboration with contemporary dance.
Date/Time: Sunday, May 23, 13:30
‏Performers: Intercultural String Orchestra; Daisuke Kiba (kokyu) × ShenLin (Erhu) × Yordan Markov (Gadulka) × Orie Hirayama (cello) × Junzo Tateiwa (percussion)/ Sarah Akiyoshi (Kagurabue bamboo flute) × Ousumane (Balafon) × Ramin Saru (African percussion)/ Yutaka Oyama (Tsugaru Shamisen) × Akihisa Kominato (shakuhachi) × Sumire Kuribayashi (piano) × Yasushi Fukumori (drums)/Mademoiselle Cinema (contemporary dance)/ Tobaya Riseki (Navigator)
*Part of the performers has been changed from the initial announcement. (05/21/2021)

Kotodama (“the power of words”) live performances
Since the Edo era, masters of the narrative arts have entertained society with the art of words; the oral tradition of Kodan in which stories are brought to life through tone, pace and rhythm; the unique narrative singing of Rokyoku accompanied by the shamisen; and the captivating joruri ballad style Gidayu-bushi, known as the king of shamisen-accompanied music. Also featuring the traditional Japanese magic tradition of Tezuma, this festival is an introduction to the world of traditional performing arts.
Time/Date: Sunday, May 23, 15:30 –
Performers: Taiju Fujiyama (Tezuma Japanese magic)/ Sanryoku Kanda (Kodan storyteller)/ Koshiwaka Takemoto + Kazu Tsuruzawa (Gidayu-bushi)/ Nanafuku Tamagawa + Toyoko Sawamura (Rokyoku)/Cyril Coppini (Navigator)

Evening live music performance
The quintessence of traditional music unfolds against the backdrop of the sky at dusk in a program bringing this two-day event to a conclusion. Female musicians at the cutting edge of Nagauta shamisen and Hogaku-bayashi music gather together to present a medley of famous music performed in Kabuki and Nihon-buyo dance.
Date/Time: Sunday, May 23, 18:00 –
Performers: Riseki Tobaya ensemble (Nagauta shamisen) × Harumi Mochizuki ensemble (Hayashi music)/ Cyril Coppini (Navigator)

How to view

Available to stream on the Kagurazaka Street Stage O-edo Tour official YouTube channel

*Free to view
*Program details subject to change.


Kagurazaka Street Stage O-edo Tour 2021 Office (inside Koten Kukan Office)
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