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Claire Ruffin:L'insomnante

  • Theater / Dance ,
  • Kids / Youth ,
  • Visual Art / Media Art ,
  • Performance

A surreal and humorous struggle to fall asleep…!

On the stage, a bed. On the ceiling, a myriad pillows. And three characters inhabit this space: an insomniac who is at war with her bed; a singer-cellist who accompanies her; and a strange presence that drops an array of objects from the ceiling in an attempt to help her sleep. Featuring Camille Boitel, the standard-bearer of France’s nouveau cirque movement, who was the talk of the Tact/Festival 2014. The mysterious night-time world of insomnia awaits you…!


Anna Caterina, Camille Boitel, Catherine Exbrayat


All seats reserved
Adult: 2,500 yen
High school age and under: 500 yen

<2 Full-program Tickets>
“L’insomnante”+”Asa Nisi Masa”
Adult: 4,000 yen


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Theatre East, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre


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