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Tokyo Caravan the 2nd (in Shizuoka)

Come by, come see, come mix: it’s a cultural circus!

Tokyo Caravan the 2nd is a “cultural circus” designed to create and present performances based on new forms of expression, and formulated around playwright, director, and actor Hideki Noda’s idea that interaction between people leads to the creation of culture.

An array of expressive artists including actor Atsuko Maeda, musicians Asakusa Jinta, the Double Dutch team REG☆STYLE, puppeteer Noriyuki Sawa, artist UJINO, and artist Yasuhiro Suzuki will converge to experience the history and culture of Shizuoka, interact across genres with young people who will lead the next generation of culture, and create new expressions together.
Confirmed guests this time around include a traditional Ryukyuan dance troupe and ancient Ainu dance performers.
Expect big things from the new venture Tokyo Caravan the 2nd!

Furthermore, on the day of the performances, artist Yasuhiro Suzuki’s renowned work “Aerial Being” will put in an appearance in the plaza in front of Momijiyama Garden, Sunpu Castle Park. Visitors can enjoy this magnificent 18 meter long, 6 meter wide and 5 meter high inflatable sculpture at close quarters.


We will offer seats on the day at each venue and for each session.
Numbered same-day tickets will be distributed on the day on a first-come, first-served basis from 60 minutes before the start of each performance.
We look forward to your visit.
Please see the official website for details.

Free, advance reservation required/to be decided by lottery if oversubscribed

Application period
11:00, Wednesday, September 28 – 23:59, Monday, October 31 2022

How to apply
Please apply via the official website.


  • We use the event lottery application site system “Frentry” operated by Every Entertainment Inc. Before registering, please ensure you can receive emails from “@”.
  • Membership registration is required, including for any accompanying persons (free). To apply for this event, you will need member information for the accompanying person(s).
  • Applicants will be notified of the results of the lottery on their “Frentry” account page and by email (Scheduled for early November).
  • Successful applicants should display their digital ticket (onscreen QR code) or print out the digital ticket (onscreen QR code) and present it on the day.
  • Due to system maintenance, please note the “Frentry” site will not be available for 3 hours from 7:00 to 10:00 AM on the third Wednesday of every month.


  • This event will be conducted in Japanese.
  • Application is limited to once per person (up to 4 people possible), up to your second choice. Application shall become invalid if multiple applications are confirmed, including by an accompanying person.
  • Please note cancellations and changes cannot be made after application has been completed.
  • You will be allocated seating with a reserved seat ticket at the time of admission on the day of the performance. Seats cannot be specified or changed.
  • Successful applications cannot be transferred or resold. Please be sure to bring photo ID as we may check your identity at the time of entry. Any accompanying persons should also bring their ID.
  • If you are coming in a wheelchair, please contact the Tokyo Caravan the 2nd Management Office after you are selected by lottery.
  • If two or more people are attending the event, please enter at the same time using the applicant’s digital ticket. Please come all together.
    *You cannot be admitted separately.
  • If you arrive after 10 minutes before the start time, please note you may be shown to a standing view area.
  • On the day of the performances, photography and video recording will be carried out inside the venue by the official photographer and members of the press. Please note that the audience may appear in photographs/video.
  • Any personal information provided will be managed appropriately and will not be used for purposes other than in relation to this event.
  • In the event that someone is infected with coronavirus (COVID-19), the personal information you supply may be provided to public institutions such as health care centers for the purpose of identifying contacts. In addition, we may contact you via the contact details you provide.

Pease see the official website for more details about how to apply.

*To be cancelled in the case of stormy weather
*Details may be subject to change depending on the situation regarding coronavirus (COVID-19)
*Performers and program contents are subject to change without notice

Participating artists

Atsuko Maeda (actor), Asakusa Jinta (musicians), REG☆STYLE (Double Dutch team), Noriyuki Sawa (puppeteer), UJINO(artist), Kina Hanayagi (classical Japanese dancer), Tokyo Caravan Ensemble ( Shiori Ishikawa, Satoshi Kamimura, Itsuki Kawaharada, Mayu Suetomi, Hanano Teshirogi, Natsumi Mase, Makoto Matsumoto, Yuta Matoba, Sawaka Minaguchi, Tomohiro Yoshida ), Ryukyuan Dance (Tachikata actors/dancers: Takumi Tamaki, Nobuaki Ohama, Jiutai chorus/music: Kazuki Tamashiro, Yoshimori Nakamine), Ainu Association of Hokkaido (traditional Ainu dance), Shizuoka Prefecture Yokosuka High School Kyodogeino club (Sanja Sairei Bayashi)

Participating creators
Yasuhiro Suzuki (art), Marihiko Hara (music), Kodue Hibino (costume), Eri Akamatsu (hair and make-up), Kenji Aoki (video)

Hideki Noda (playwright, director, actor)


Tokyo Caravan the 2nd Management Office


Plaza in front of Momijiyama Garden, Sunpu Castle Park (1-1 Sunpujokoen, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture)



Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Supported by
Shizuoka Prefecture, Shizuoka City
Sponsored by