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Legendary Tamatebako (Treasure Box) - Tama Traditional Culture Festival 2022

  • Japanese Traditional Art ,
  • Performance ,
  • Workshop

Making the most of the cultural resources of the Tama region including Hachioji City, this festival can be enjoyed by everyone, even those unfamiliar with traditional culture and performing arts. It features a diverse lineup, including interactive experiences and outdoor stage performances.

*This festival will be held with measures in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Please check the latest information on the official website before visiting.
*Please note there is a possibility that festival programs will be changed or canceled according to the situation with coronavirus.
*The latest information on program changes and cancellations will be announced on the official website.



The Hachioji Geigi-shu, Hachioji Kuruma Ningyo Nishikawa Koryu Troupe, Sekkyobushi no Kai, Hachioji Firefighting Memorial Association (Kiyari firefighters’ chants), Tokyo Zokei University Graduate School Hachioji Shadow Play Project, Hachioji Matsuribayashi Rengokai, Ryoko Kagawa and Kagawa Shachu (Hachioji City), Takamatsu Ohayashi Hozon-kai (Tachikawa City), Mitaka Ginza Ren (Mitaka City), Nakagamikumano Shrine Saireibayashimai Hozon-kai (Akishima City), Komae High School Koto Music Club (Komae City), Sugao Kabuki Sugao-ichiza (Akiruno City), Kashimaodori in Ogouchi (Okutama Town), (Oneri)Rickshaw Oneri Go-around


Mikinokuchi (Fussa City), Gundogami (Akiruno City), Somemono dyed goods/original textiles (Hachioji City)


Weaving experience, Mukashi no Asobi (traditional toys and games) experience, Jinrikisha (Rickshaw) experience

*Please check the official website for the location and time of each program.
*In addition, we will inform you of the venue and time of events in case of heavy rain on the official website, and at the venues on the day. (Jinrikisha only)

Participation fee

Free (excluding the Jinrikisha experience)
Jinrikisha experience: 1,000 yen per rickshaw (up to 2 persons, 1 preschool child can sit on a parent’s lap)
*Advance booking required

How to participate

Reception on the day (excluding HIKARI no Tamatebako and the Jinrikisha experience)

HIKARI no Tamatebako
Fragments of lace glass bring together Kuruma Ningyo puppetry and breakdance through projection mapping, in an original Legendary Tamatebako collaboration.
Please apply using the application form or by calling the office below.
*First-come-first-served, non-reserved seating.

Jinrikisha experience
Please apply by calling the office below.
*You can check the detail here.
*Application deadline: Sunday, August 28, 2022 Friday, September 16, 2022
*Applications will be decided by lottery in the case of over-subscription


Legendary Tamatebako Administration Office (Hachioji College Community & Cultural Fureai Foundation)
TEL: 042-621-3005 (Reception hours 9:00-17:00)


JR Hachioji Station North Exit area (Nishi Hoshasen U-road, Nakacho Park, Yokoyamacho Park, Street and the inside gallery hall, Hachioji City Art & Culture Hall)



Organized by
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Hachioji City, Hachioji College Community & Cultural Fureai Foundation
Supported by and in cooperation with
Tokyo Metropolitan Government
In cooperation with
Tachikawa Community and Culture Foundation
Supported by
Tachikawa City, Mitaka City, Akishima City, Fussa City, Komae City, Akiruno City, Okutama Town, The Hachioji City Federation of Town Associations and Self-governing Associations, The Hachioji Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Hachioji Visitors & Convention Association, The Hachioji City Federation of Shops Association, Nishi Hoshasen U-Road
In cooperation with
The Hachioji Textile Industry Association, Soto Japan Heritage Center Hachioji Museum,Tokyo Zokei University, Nihon Kogakuin College of Hachioji, Daitokyo Shinyo Kumiai