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Rickshaw - A tour of the town in search of traces of history

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Nishihoshasen-U-road Ave. runs diagonally to Hachioji Station through the vertical boundaries that remain along the Koshu Kaido route. Starting from next to the Yokoyamacho Post Office on the Koshu Kaido, the famous Yaen Kaido route also runs crossing the U-road Ave..
Look for traces of history in the streets and shop signs as you go on the local rickshaw tour.


Date/time: Saturday, Nobember 4 ①11:00-11:20 ②15:00-15:20 ③16:00-16:20
Sunday, Nobember 5 ①11:00-11:20 ②15:00-15:20 ③16:00-16:20
Venue: Nishihoshasen-U-road Ave., Kurobei-dori, others
Charge: 1,000 yen per rickshaw (2 persons per rickshaw / total of 5 rickshaws)
*Advance booking required

How to apply for Rickshaw

Please fill in the application form or call us.

Please apply by application form located in the following website:

Please apply by calling the office below.
042-621-3005 (9:00-17:00)

*If not reaching to full participation, we will accept application on the day. In that case, please apply at event site.

Application Deadline: Saturday, October 14

*In case of too many applications, we will hold a draw for each time.
*Please bring and pay participation fee at site.
*Drawing result and meeting place will be notified to applicants until Wednesday, October 25.
*To proceed in the event of light rain, and cancelled in overly inclement weather.


Legendary Tamatebako Administration Office (Hachioji College Community & Cultural Fureai Foundation)
TEL: 042-621-3005 (Reception hours 9:00-17:00)


Nishihoshasen-U-road Ave., Kurobei-dori, and others


Organized by
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Hachioji City, Hachioji College Community & Cultural Fureai Foundation
Supported by and in cooperation with
Tokyo Metropolitan Government
In cooperation with
Tachikawa Community and Culture Foundation
Supported by
Tachikawa City, Mitaka City, Akishima City, Hino City, Hino City Board of Education, Komae City, Musashimurayama City, Akiruno City, Nishitokyo City, Hinode Town, Hinode Town Board of Education, The Hachioji City Federation of Town Associations and Self-governing Associations, The Hachioji Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Hachioji Visitors & Convention Association, The Hachioji City Federation of Shops Association, Nishihoshasen-U-Road
Cooperative local authority
Musashino City, Ome City, Fuchu City, Chofu City, Machida City, Koganei City, Higashimurayama City, Kokubunji City, Kunitachi City, Fussa City, Higashiyamato City, Kiyose City, Inagi City, Mizuho Town, Hinohara Village, Okutama Town
In cooperation with
Tokyo Zokei University, Nihon Kogakuin College of Hachioji, Daitokyo Shinyo Kumiai,JR Hachioji Station