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Talents Tokyo 2024 Call for Entries

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“Talents Tokyo 2024” is a one-week program for East and Southeast Asian filmmakers. Participants will receive lectures from film professionals and through public presentations, the program provides film insights on film production and opportunities to build networks.

Application guidelines

A) Qualifications

Your application will be processed only if you meet all requirements. Please read the requirements before applying.

a) You have an East-Asian / Southeast-Asian nationality or are residing in this region.
b) You are fluent in the English language.
c) You have not previously participated in past editions of Talents Tokyo (formerly known as Talent Campus Tokyo or Next Masters Tokyo).
d) You are a director that have made at least 1 short film but no more than 2 feature films or an upcoming producer.
e) You are able to attend during the entire period of the Talents Tokyo.

* The applications are for individuals. We do not accept team applications.

B) Application

Submit the following 3 items:

a) Online application
Accept the regulations for participating in the Talents Tokyo. (Further and Legal Regulation below in section D)
Proceed to the online application form, which you must complete entirely in English.

b) Sample of work
1. For Directors: Upload a sample film
The sample may be: a) short film made specifically for the Talents Tokyo application or b) an excerpt from some short or feature film which you have worked on previously. Running time may NOT exceed 15 min. The sample must be in English or subtitled in English.
2. For Producers: Upload a comprehensive report
Submit a comprehensive report of the films you have produced so far. Refer to the films’ production process: development, theatrical release, box office and/or participation in film festivals. Maximum: 5 pages, single PDF file, written in easy to read font in 12 point size.

* For both directors and producers, you must have obtained consent of other copyright owners if you are to use their works for your sample requirement as stated in Terms and Conditions (see section D).

c) Treatment for Project Presentation Program
During Talents Tokyo, participants must participate in the ‘Project Presentation Program’ as an opportunity to learn how to present a project in development to industry professionals and make valuable contacts with possible partners and financiers. Additionally, the presented project is eligible for the Talents Tokyo Award. The eligible project must be a feature film in development (60 minutes or more in length) for theatrical release and suitable for an international co-production.

Upload a single PDF document with a 5 page treatment/synopsis, a 5 page script excerpt, and an 1 page financial plan of the project in English for the ‘Project Presentation Program’. Uploads must be in single PDF file, written in easy to read font in 12 point size.

*If you are selected as a participant, your provided data will be published on our website and social media.

C) Selection Process

Participants will be selected at the sole discretion of the Talents Tokyo.
Applicants selected will be informed via e-mail by end of August 2024 at the latest. The list of selected participants will be published on our website by this date. You can also consult your selection status anytime by logging into your online profile.
There is no legal claim to participate in Talents Tokyo.

Assignments after Selection:
Participants of Talents Tokyo will be obliged to send in assignments as below (due dates tba):
– Social media questionnaire
– One page bio with photo
– One page outline of your project
– 3 min video of your sample works
– First draft of your script in English
– Presentation materials
– Post-program evaluation report.

D) Conditions for participating in Talents Tokyo

As Talents Tokyo is a publicly funded program, the program asks for several obligations from its participants. Please make sure to read such obligations carefully before applying. By submitting the application form, you have read, understood and agreed to all obligations.

a) Invitation, Travel and Accommodation expenses:
Successful applicants will be invited to Tokyo, Japan to participate in Talents Tokyo. ALL PARTICIPANTS will be required to stay at a hotel stipulated by the organizers.
1. For participants from outside Japan, organizers will cover the following costs:
– One round-trip economy class air ticket from a major city in the participant’s country of residence. (As part of public fund, this air-ticket may not be changed or cancelled once confirmed)
– Accommodation in a single hotel room for 8 nights from Nov. 24 to Dec. 2.
– Per diem (tax included).
2. For participants from Japan, organizers will cover the following cost:
– One round-trip travel expense from a major city in the participant’s city of residence.
– Accommodation in a single hotel room for 8 nights from Nov. 24 to Dec. 2.
– Per diem (tax included).

b) Accreditation:
Accreditation allows you to participate in all events of Talents Tokyo. As registered participants of Talents Tokyo, you are also automatically accredited to TOKYO FILMeX taking place in November 2024 (, and are eligible to be provided with a limited amount of tickets for screenings, subject to availability. However, participants must prioritize participating in the Talents Tokyo program before attending events of TOKYO FILMeX.
After participating in Talents Tokyo, alumni will automatically become part of the worldwide Talents community online and will be able to easily connect to international alumni that participated in previous editions of the Talents International programs in Berlin, Guadalajara, Buenos Aires, Durban, Sarajevo, Beirut, and Rio.

c) Attendance:
Talents Tokyo offers, free of charge, a comprehensive program and many privileges to all participants. Your presence as a Talent is a mark of distinction and a recommendation for film professionals throughout the world. In return, we expect your cooperation and daily attendance at the program. Talents Tokyo reserves the right to remove participants from our website and program, those who abuse their accreditation by making false statements, are absent during the program, or repeatedly misses deadline.

d) Accepted applicants must include Talents Tokyo in the credit once their participating project is completed. Talents Tokyo will provide the logo upon completion of the program.

E) Further and Legal Regulations:

About participant’s sample of work
1) Applicant hereby agrees that their photograph and data may be published on the Talents Tokyo website as provided in the ‘Presentation’ area of the online application form. (This can be customized by the participant at any time by logging into their profile.)
2) Applicant agrees that their sample of work submitted to the Talents Tokyo may be shown publicly at Talents Tokyo, and streamed on Talents Tokyo website or related organizations and/or sponsors of Talents Tokyo.
3) Applicant agrees that the aforementioned use of their work may also include podcasting. This means that their work can be accessed and that they can access the works of other talents vice-versa.
4) Applicant agrees that their submitted sample of work, may be published by Talents Tokyo in full length or as an excerpt in print or television or any other multimedia format for promotional purposes of Talents Tokyo.
5) Applicant declares that they own the copyright for the sample of work submitted, according to the relevant national and international regulations. This includes music and sound effects included in sample of work. They guarantee that no rights of third parties are violated by the material used in the film or other sample of work submitted. The participant unconditionally and irrevocably declares their copyright responsibility towards third parties in case of disputes over copyright violations. In this respect, the participant exempts Talents Tokyo from all claims by third parties.
6) Applicant agrees that their work can be presented to parties who are interested in the commercial exploitation of the short film or the work sample submitted. Talents Tokyo will not negotiate any commercial exploitation of the submitted works without a written agreement from the copyright holder.

Planned application timeline

May 1, 12:00 to 31, 23:59, 2024 Japan time

Application Form

Please apply for the “Next Masters Support Program” using the application form below.

Privacy policy

Talents Tokyo respects each person’s right to privacy. We do not buy or distribute personal information or samples of work for commercial purposes. Your application data and your sample of work will be treated confidentially. Data are saved on the server of Berlinale Talents. Only staffs of Talents Tokyo Organizing Committee and Berlinale Talents has access to your application data. If you are selected to participate in Talents Tokyo, your profile data and your submitted sample of work, will be used as stated above (E 2-5).
In particular, it may be displayed in a database at Talents Tokyo and on our website or related areas. The purpose is to improve communication between participants, experts and visitors. The purpose of this website is to encourage participants of Talents Tokyo and Talents International programs from all areas of film and to inform the public at large about Talents Tokyo. We appreciate our visitors, their comments, and their suggestions.

Governing law

For the avoidance of doubt, this agreement is governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Japan. In the event of any dispute arising out of or in connection with this agreement, exclusive place of venue shall be Tokyo.


Talents Tokyo Organizing Committee


Yurakucho Asahi Square, etc.


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), and Talents Tokyo Organizing Committee
in cooperation with
Berlinale Talents
In collaboration with
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