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Music & Rhythms TOKYO KIDS 2012

Let’s enjoy a concert with handcrafted musical instruments!

Under the direction of Ondekoza and the Bamboo Orchestra, performing musicians who are making an impact the world over, children will have an opportunity to participate in a nature workshop where they will make their own musical instruments from bamboo, and use the instruments to create their own music. Venues for our fifth annual “Music & Rhythms TOKYO KIDS” workshop will include Takaonomori Wakuwaku Village in Hachioji-shi, which is a lush green area within Tokyo, and areas in the vicinity of Odaiba Kaihin Koen (Odaiba Seaside Park) in Daiba, Minato-ku. The musical instrument creation and performance workshop will be held in these mountain and seaside locations where children can immerse themselves in nature.

The workshop will be capped off on the final day with a concert at the Tomin Hiroba adjoining the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, where the square will be transformed into a rhythm festival through combining the sounds of professional performers and local groups covering an array of genres with the natural sounds made by the children’s bamboo instruments that they will have created.

Target participants

Elementary or junior high school students: 280
* If applicants exceed availability, participants will be chosen by random drawing.

Participation fees / How to participate

3,000 yen
Deadline for Application for Participation: May 25 (Fri) – Aug 6 (Mon), 2012
1st deadline: Jul 9 (Mon)
2nd deadline: Aug 6 (Mon)


Music & Rhythms TOKYO KIDS Executive Committee Office
TEL: 03-3353-9927

Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo Culture Creation Project (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), and Music & Rhythms TOKYO KIDS Executive Committee

Special co-sponsor:
Kissport: Minato Sports, Community, Culture, and Health Foundation

Minato City Board of Education, Hachioji City Board of Education, and a specified nonprofit corporation Tokyo Kodomo-kai Rengo-kai

Takaonomori Wakuwaku Village

Daiba Kumin Center, Takaonomori Wakuwaku Village, Tomin Hiroba adjoining the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

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