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Music and Performing Arts educational program

The Music and Performing Arts educational program provides young people who will create the future art scene with opportunities to be exposed to art performances, with the aim of deepening their passion and understanding of the performing arts and fostering future talents in the field of art.

The program consists of “Outreach concert” and “Outreach workshops.” In the “Outreach concert” activities, rising and prospective musicians will visit elementary and junior high schools as well as other facilities in Tokyo to perform concerts in order to give children the opportunity to learn about genuine classic music, which they are not often exposed to, from the budding musicians through fun and easy-to-understand talks. In the “Workshops,” rising musicians will provide technical guidance to children who play specific instruments, visit the extracurricular activities for brass bands, orchestras, etc. and eventually determine a theme around which they will jointly create a concert. The another workshops “Let’s Create an Opera!” will provide children with the opportunity to get deeply involved in the performing arts by participating in the creation of an opera performance, including the children performing on stage.

Contact / Where to apply

* Advance applications are required for all programs.
* Please note that each program has different application.
Please see the website of Tokyo Bunka Kaikan for the application for the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Music and Performing Arts educational program “Let’s Create an Opera!”

“Let’s Create an Opera!” Section, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan
Tel: 03-3828-2111 (Weekdays, 9:00 – 17:00)

Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo Culture Creation Project (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)

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