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Traditional Performing Arts for Kids

Children will receive instruction from leading artists in the fields of Noh, Nihon buyo, Sankyoku, and Nagauta over a period of seven months, which will culminate in their public performances on the professional stage. Its purpose is, through the extended and authentic experience, to have the children come to grow sensibility to and appreciate the traditional arts that the Japanese have cherished to date. “Special Youth Version” designed for high school students will also be carried out.


Traditional Performing Arts for Kids Office in Japan Council of Performers’ Organizations (Geidankyo)
E-Mail: wageiko@geidankyo.or.jp

Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Tokyo Culture Creation Project Office (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Tokyo Traditional Arts Program Executive Committee

Geino kadensha, National Noh Theatre, Hosho Nohgakudo, Asakusa Public Hall, etc.

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