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Bokuto Machimise Art Platform
[Newly Started Program]

The project aims at sustaining and establishing network resources that link citizens, artists and Artpoints, brought up in the Bokuto area (northern part of Sumida City in eastern Tokyo) through the Bokuto Machimise programs which had been carried out until 2012. The project will build an art platform by creating maps that transmit information about various activities in the area.


Bokuto Machimise Art Platform Office
(Bokuto Machimise Department, Association of Mukojima Studies)
Contemporary Art Factory, 1-15-3 Sumida, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 131-0031
E-mail: machimise@gmail.com
Tel: 03-5630-3216

-Association of Mukojima Studies
This association, as a forum to consider the region, was founded by members involved with town development in the Bokuto area. It started its activities in FY2002, and was made into a NPO in FY2006. Currently, the association is engaged in a wide range of projects. It collects and provides various types of information about the region, supports regional vitalization activities, surveys and researches the creation of residences and towns, creates networks with other regions, and supports art events connected with regional societies. The Bokuto Machimise Department was established inside the Association of Mukojima Studies in FY2012. It serves as a platform to support networks rooted in the region throughout the year.

Tokyo Metropoltian Government
Tokyo Culture Creation Project Office (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Association of Mukojima Studies (NPO)

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