What we do

What’s Tokyo Artpoint Project?

Tokyo Artpoint Project is Arts Council Tokyo’s wide-ranging program of art projects organized with Tokyo Metropolitan Government as well as nonprofits and other partners. Through what we call “art points,” Tokyo Artpoint Project finds new ways of looking at the issues that the city faces, uncovers until-now unseen problems, and creates fresh approaches to these challenges.Since launching in 2009, Tokyo Artpoint Project has worked with 56 organizations and carried out 45 projects in the city to date (April 2022).

What’s an art point?

By “art point,” we mean a hub, a community, or a place where people come together and do creative things.

An art point aims to utilize the unique nature of art to challenge norms, uncover issues, and form connections across fields, and to sustainably facilitate art projects that encourage community engagement.

Tokyo Artpoint Project undertakes a wide range of mid- and long-term operational and community support to foster art points in the city sustainably.

Why art projects?

In Japan in the 1990s, new forms of contemporary art activities began to emerge that centered on collaboration and social engagement. These activities, which generate novel artistic and social contexts by seeding new contact points and connections outside of preexisting ones, are described as art projects. Often closely related to a specific location and community, art projects are led not only by artists, but frequently involve collaboration with a various people and stakeholders, including local governments, universities, corporations, and groups from the civil society.

Through art projects that encourage participation and interaction with other people, Tokyo Artpoint Project seeks to bring invisible problems and mindsets out into the open, and to conceive approaches that can work toward resolutions.

Our Mission

In our rapidly changing world, to build a society in which people play a flexible and central role in culture and arts.

Our Vision

To foster people who can think and harness their artistic and cultural powers in response to society. To provide mid- and long-term support in growing those activities sustainably.

Our Work

Supporting Art Projects
– Providing a platform for nonprofits and other partners to organize their art projects on an equal footing with Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Arts Council Tokyo.
– Assigning a specialist team (program officers) on a per-project basis. Following projects right the way through to completion.
-In addition to covering direct operational costs for partners over the course of a project (typically three to five years), Tokyo Artpoint Project supports baseline administrative costs including personnel remuneration that is usually not covered by subsidies and grants.

Supporting Organizations in the Long Term
– Looking ahead to the period after a project finishes, Tokyo Artpoint Project offers training in management approaches as well as shares information, know-how, and networks to shape sustainable operational infrastructures.
– Cultivating future art project leaders and organizers.
-Building a network through exchange and study groups with our partners.

Sharing Project Values
– In addition to quantifiable data, Tokyo Artpoint Project emphasizes qualitative data and the development of people and organizers over the course of a project. We work with experts to find value in each roject in a wide range of ways.
– Tokyo Artpoint Project organizes lectures in response to a project’s challenges and needs, and fosters opportunities for project teams to learn the skills they require. By producing documentation and records of art projects, and then making these available online, we work to build an infrastructure that can nurture future art project leaders.


Tokyo Artpoint Project is Arts Council Tokyo’s wide-ranging program of art projects organized with Tokyo Metropolitan Government as well as nonprofits and other partners. Forming a link between Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the partners with whom we initiate projects, we engage with the aims and challenges of Tokyo’s cultural policies, and explore new directions for art projects. Tokyo Artpoint Project also works with specialists and experts to review partner organizations and assess projects.


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