What we do

Forming Hubs for Cultural Creation (Tokyo Artpoint Project)

This is an initiative that creates numerous “art points” via art projects undertaken in partnership with NPOs that play a key role in their local communities. Our ambition is to create and communicate aspects of Tokyo’s diverse allure, while implementing art projects that connect people, towns, and activities within the metropolis and fit seamlessly into the everyday life of the community, as well as nurturing the NPOs that will lead the projects and putting in place the infrastructure for these activities.

HAPPY TURN/Kouzushima

Kouzushima Village

Set in Kouzushima village, a place where a rich na...


Fantasia! Fantasia!: A community where lifestyles are made real

Sumida City

The Bokuto area (the northeastern part of Tokyo’s ...


Artist Collective Fuchu [ACF]

Fuchu City

This project attracting participants of diverse oc...


ACKT (Art Center Kunitachi)

Kunitachi City, etc.

This project creates new community values through ...


Future Topography in Motion, Tama Cleaving Art Meeting

Tama region

Based on the special cultural and historical chara...


Karoku Recycle

Koto City, etc.

This is a project to widely share recorded materia...


KINO Meeting

Various locations in Tokyo

This project is a series of workshops in various a...



Various locations in Tokyo

This is a project revolving around deaf people, th...


Artpoint Meeting

Arts Council Tokyo, etc.

Using towns and communities as their domain, art p...