What we do

Forming Hubs for Cultural Creation (Tokyo Artpoint Project)

Tokyo Artpoint Project is an initiative which creates myriad “art points” by implementing art projects in partnership with NPOs fulfilling key roles in their local communities. Designed to fit seamlessly into the community’s daily life, the art projects connect areas, people and activities. Our aim is to create and communicate Tokyo’s diverse appeal, while cultivating the NPOs which lead the projects and laying the foundations for these activities.


JR Line area between Koenji and Kokubunji stations

This project features a range of ongoing art progr...


Koganei Artfull Action!

Koganei City

By turning the whole of Koganei into a place where...


Art Access Adachi: Downtown Senju – Connecting through Sound Art

Adachi City

Based in the Senju district of Tokyo’s Adach...


Shioiri Tower Project

Shioiri Park

This project is based at Shioiri Tower, which was ...


Topping East

East Tokyo area

In the East Tokyo area, the development of tourism...


Relight Project

Roppongi, etc.

This project aims to create a platform for conside...


Tokyo, Soup, Blanket and Travelogue

Ekoda, etc.

Led by director and playwright Shirotama Hitsujiya...


Betweens Passport Initiative

Shinjuku City and other locations in Tokyo

This project perceives migrant youth as a positive...


Tokyo Stay

Locations in Tokyo

This project seeks to review Tokyo’s cultura...


Artpoint Meeting

Using towns as their domain, art projects get clos...