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Sound Reasons Festival

  • Organization : Shun Owada
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


Sound artist Shun Owada has been invited to the international sound art festival, Sound Reasons 2015 in India. Owada will exhibit his own sound art installation, as well as take part in an open recording session and live performance with artists from India and Europe.

Sound Reasons Festival is a sound art and electronic music festival that has been held every year in various locations around India since 2012. Artists such as Jio Shimizu, Timo Khalen and Grischa Lichtenberger have previously been invited to the event, organized by New Delhi-based musician Ish Shehrawat. The fourth edition of the festival this year will feature installations and performances by Bernd Schurer (Switzerland), Shun Owada (Japan), Colin Black (Australia) and Raul Kellerish S (India).

Through the festival’s exhibitions and performances, organizers want to build a network in the field of sound art in the Asian region. Architect Junpei Mori will also be in attendance to provide technical support.


【Shun Owada】
Born in 1985, Shun Owada is a Tokyo-based sound artist. He earned his master’s degree from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2012. Having an interest in physical/ physiological aspects of sound, he explores relation between sound and perception of (living) things. His works vary from live improvisation using computers to sound installation. He received a grand prize in Tokyo Experimental Festival Vol.9 by Tokyo Wonder Site.


Shun Owada


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