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ARICA-INDIA International Project ”Workshop & Showing”

  • Organization : ARICA
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


A series of workshops will be held in India with Tomoko Ando, a member of the late Shogo Ota’s Tenkei Theatre Company in the 1980s who acted in all his works and now performs with ARICA, director Yasuki Fujita and Shino Kuraishi in charge of textual concepts.

The collaboration will be joined by Sankar Venkateswaran, artistic director and founder of Theatre Roots & Wings in Southern India and its producer Satoko Tsurutome. As dramaturg Sankar will assist in coordinating the workshop, and Satoko Tsurutome will handle planning and production in India.

The workshops will be held in Delhi and Bangalore, the representative cities of Northern and Southern India respectively, and also Kerala, hometown of the Theatre Roots & Wings, featuring different members of the collective for each event. From fiscal 2017 new performers from Japan will join members selected from the workshops, with the aim of creating and performing a work in India and then staging it in Japan and other countries.


ARICA was formed in 2001 by artistic director Yasuki Fujita, actress Tomoko Ando and poet and critic Shino Kuraishi. Later joined by textile designer Yoko Ando, designer Yuri Suyama and others, the collective brings together experts from diverse creative fields, and continues to stage new works with dancers, actors, musicians and artists. Since their first overseas performance in 2005 at the invitation of the Cairo International festival for Experimental Theatre (where the group won the Best Solo Performance prize), they have expanded their activities both at home and abroad, including a staging of Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days at the International Theatre Festival of Kerala in 2015.


Yasuki Fujita
#304, 1-4-28, Sengoku, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0015


The Japan Foundation, New Delhi, Shoonya, Bangalore, Sahyande Theatre, Kerala, India